You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know?

We’ve all heard this saying before. Here at FMT we hear it almost daily when we speak with our clients about making the most of their tech investments. It’s common, right? Maybe your business is laser focused trying to make it through the quarter, maybe your IT staff is tasked with keeping the lights on…maybe you don’t have IT staff? Wherever you are in your digital transformation, there are areas out there that you simply haven’t explored for your business.

This is especially true in today’s digital workplace where, if you don’t know what you don’t know, how do you know how you can improve? And, if you don’t know the right technology to improve your business, what opportunities will you miss?

Do you know security? Do you implement Zero Trust? Do you know what that is? If you don’t know, you probably also don’t know who is trying to get your data. It’s happening. We see it happen to clients every day.

Do you know how best to improve and accelerate workflows to increase efficiency in your supply chain? Do you still use email as your source of internal collaborative communication? For many, the systems of yesteryear remain the systems of today. However, those systems may not sustain business opportunities tomorrow. Think about Modern Collaboration!

Does your business know how to really engage with your mission-critical frontline workers? Gallup’s State of the Workplace report shows that engagement is down. Don’t let that happen!
Well, what are you supposed to do about this? Do you know how to know more about the technology that truly adds value to your business?

In terms of technology, Microsoft has comprehensive solutions that empower essentially all areas of your business. It’s really mind-boggling how much they cover. They provide mobility, automation, wellbeing, security, and consistent intelligence throughout their products. Check out what they have to say through their Microsoft 365 for Business site.

Want to know more? Microsoft provides extensive technical documentation for all their products through Microsoft Docs. This free resource provides everything you need to know to implement everything that you don’t know about Microsoft.

Need to know how to jump start your journey so that you can get pointed in the right direction? FMT maintains Gold competencies for Microsoft. We get Microsoft. We know Microsoft. We live Microsoft. Whether you need to supplement your current path, provide additional guidance to your staff, or would like some company along the way towards digital transformation… take action. Know more. Do more. FMT delivers proven Microsoft solutions that work for your business and work with solutions from Oracle NetSuite and Salesforce. You know, we have you covered from Microsoft Assessments to Zero Trust implementations. Talk to us!

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