What's inside Modern Team Sites for End Users?

Modern Team Site is brand-new user experience. It's more than just a fresh look, it's designed from the ground up to work on mobile devices, and it addresses dozens of nagging usability issues. Modern Team sites are available to use in Office 365 and work seamlessly with Mobile apps also. In this article, we will discuss some of the key features of Modern Team Sites.


What Are Modern Team Sites?

Before we start, let's talk about what Modern Team Sites are. Released in 2016, Modern Team Sites is composed of pages, lists, libraries, and team news, thanks to integration with Office 365 Groups, allowing users to collaborate and communicate with others. According to Microsoft, "when you create a modern team site in SharePoint Online, it automatically creates the O365 group, group email address, and ability to identify whether this site will contain sensitive data (privacy) and more new features. The home page of a SharePoint Online modern team site gives you immediate visibility into site activity and important documents, with quick access to Office 365 Groups, its members and associated Office 365 apps."


Modern Team sites for end-users image


Modern pages

New menu on the home page allows users to create modern pages.

New menu on Modern Team Sites image

Modern page authoring experience is intuitive for end-users to author pages quickly. In the following page, I have set a header background image and a PowerPoint presentation on the page.

Header background on Modern Team Sites Image


Modern Web Parts

Modern team sites bring various modern web parts, my favorite web parts include Bing maps, document library, events, file viewer, group calendar, image gallery, news, highlighted content, people, planner, Microsoft Forms, Power BI report, weather, Yammer, Youtube, and Office 365 video.

Modern Team Sites Web Parts image


Modern List Features

Event list item creation presents a full-page authoring experience. It allows you to select maps location, description, hyperlink and page background image.

Modern Team Sites List feature image

Modern Document Library Features

Modern views allow end-users to move, copy and download files. Users can select multiple files and download them as a zip file. Most important documents can be pinned to the top for quick access. Metadata input panel shows up on the right side and users can update metadata without leaving the page.

Modern Team Sites Modern Document Library image

Modern out of the box Workflows

SharePoint in Office 365 has out of the box integration with Microsoft Flows. There are lot useful workflow templates available out of the box to take advantage of.

Modern out of the box Workflows image


In this article, we briefly went over a list of features of Modern Team Sites. If you need additional assistance with Office 365 or SharePoint, give us a call at 833-827-4275 or contact us here.

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