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Were you one of the manufacturers, distributors, and brokers that attended the Las Vegas Market Summer Session from July 30th thru August 3, 2023? FMT Consultants, a division of Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC, partnered with Wayfair to offer free consulting from experts in technology, eCommerce, warehousing, and making it all work together. We set up assessment pods on the ground floor of building C right by the escalators. The soundproofing created a space for extremely valuable conversations focused on making it easier and more efficient to do business with Wayfair and other channels. Conversations ranged from general business to in-depth conversations about current projects all for free.

FMT's holistic approach requires examining the business beyond the accounting system. The FMT Wayfair Offers incorporate solutions that optimize your entire organization. The accounting system, commonly called the ERP, sets the table for any business. Once the playing table is established, the next priorities vary by industry and preference so that is why we invited players beyond FMT to join us in the free assessments. BigCommerce streamlines ecommerce to optimize the customer experiences. Feedonomics optimizes your listings across multiple platforms providing exactly what the channels need to sell your products while reducing the burden on your team. RF-Smart produces a warehouse experience focused on efficiency and real-time communication through multiple channels. Avalara manages the taxes through automatic updates and tax nexus calculations. Finally Celigo creates the platform for all of these pieces to work with the accounting system in real-time. Your company is the house and will always win when you stack the odds in your favor with this bundle of resources. All of your teams will have the data they need to make quicker decisions that mitigate risk and move your business towards the jackpot.

Las Vegas attracts people from around the world and pushes them to dream big. The Las Vegas World Market does the same thing for furniture makers, furniture distributors, home décor, and more. If you didn't take advantage of the free consulting during the show, you still can speak to our experts. Don't gamble on your competition not taking advantage of the templated solutions built by FMT. The fact is that the odds are against any firm standing still. Are you ready to learn if you are just starting the journey or if you are ready to transform your segment? Contact FMT Consultants today. Maybe we will see you at the next show.

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