Top 6 criteria for implementing NetSuite with a trusted partner

Here at FMT, we get 2-3 calls a week from companies in the middle of their phase one of NetSuite implementation asking us for assistance. The calls usually go the same way: “We burned through 70% of our budget, only completed 15% of the implementation”, or “we selected the wrong implementation team”. NetSuite is a powerful ERP platform that can help transform your business but if you don’t select the right implementation partner, chances are, you will be one of those weekly calls.

In this blog, we will go over the top 6 criteria to consider before deciding on your next NetSuite trusted partner.

Vertical Expertise & Reference

FMT specializes in wholesale distribution and manufacturing and has the NetSuite references to prove it. If the partner you’re speaking to does not understand your business, how can they help you be successful? If they don’t have happy clients willing to share their implementation experience you should run.

Don’t overbuy NetSuite Licensing

FMT’s priority is to review the modules and users counts in detail with our clients so they understand the functionality that will support current and future objectives. Too often, we speak with current NetSuite customers who don’t understand what they licensed and over-purchased. Our next priority is to ensure that our clients receive the best possible NetSuite subscription pricing and terms.

SuiteSuccess and Tailored Methodologies

NetSuite has rolled out it's SuiteSuccess implementation methodology that allows clients to go-live within 100 days. It was designed to roll out best practices in an agile, phased approach. FMT is one of the few partners that is SuiteSuccess certified. We work with our clients to determine if SuiteSuccess is the best approach, or if FMT’s tailored implementation is a better fit. A trusted advisor role is to provide clients with the best options in order to make educated decisions.

Integrations, Data Migration, Optimization

Most implementation partners (and NetSuite Direct professional services) shy away from having to integrate NetSuite to legacy point solutions or assist with the migration of data from the current ERP solution. NetSuite has the ability to connect with any external platform or legacy solution by using API’s, web-services, or connectors. Look for a partner that has specific teams that specialize in NetSuite Scripting, development, and data migration.

Knowledge transfer

Our clients love the fact that they are able to rely on themselves as the first line of defense to support NetSuite after Go-Live. FMT focuses on the long-term relationship and will always provide customer support, but client empowerment and knowledge transfer during the implementation is non-negotiable for today’s implementations.

Dashboards & Reporting

Imagine spending 3-4 months going through your ERP implementation only to find you don’t have your key reports and KPI’s set up for Go-Live. A quality trusted advisor sits down with the client to understand what key reports and dashboards need to be in production on day-1 of Go-live.

What’s the bottom line? You took the first step in determining NetSuite will be your ERP platform for the next 15 years. Don’t make the crucial mistake of thinking NetSuite implements itself. Do your homework and align your organization with a NetSuite trusted partner, that will be around for the long haul.

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