The Cure for Sloppy Sales Syndrome: 3 Tips on Getting Organized Using Dynamics CRM

Are you feeling the symptoms of sloppy sales syndrome? Misplacing important documents, digging through hundreds of emails, and forgetting to follow up on an opportunity are all key indicators. No sales person wants to complain about having too many opportunities, but at times the workload can be time-consuming and overwhelming. By minimizing these issues, you optimize your profits.

This blog will share the top 3 tricks to stay organized using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.   

1. Tasks: Set Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reminders 

Tasks are a sales person’s best friend. Dynamics CRM tasks are your daily reminders to perform action items during a sales cycle. They keep you accountable for future action items and eliminate the risk of losing any information saved on notepads, post-its, or white boards.

Dynamics CRM Tasks

2. Set Regarding: Link Information for Easy Discovery

Ever try looking for an email conversation that you had a few months ago that includes pricing you offered for a specific sale? Going through your inbox can take some time. By “Set Regarding” your emails in Outlook, you can link emails directly to an opportunity for easy discovery.

Dynamics CRM easy discovery

In addition to linking emails, you can also apply “Set Regarding” to your meetings on your Outlook calendar. This will help you to conveniently reference dates, times, attendees, and topics of all your meetings in one central location.

3. Upload Documents: Share Important Documents with the Team

Tired of the physical paper trail? Whether it’s an agreement, software quote, or requirement spreadsheets, it’s good to keep all documents in a local place. By uploading all related documents to an opportunity, not only can you easily share material with your teammates, but you can also use version tracking and live editing to optimize team collaboration.

Dynamics CRM Upload Documents

We have all heard the quote, “Time is Money” and in the end, the more organized you are, the more successful you will be. This blog shares only a fraction of the tools that are offered in Dynamics CRM, but if you take advantage of these resources you can work toward eliminating Sloppy Sales Syndrome. For more information, please reach out to FMT Consultants by filling out the form below.

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