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NetSuite Global Search Tips
Who doesn’t love shortcuts? Did you know that there are a bunch of hidden shortcuts in NetSuite that can save you a few extra clicks? Our NetSuite experts have come up with a few tips and tricks for all the NetSuite users out there. Use record type prefixes followed by colon (:) or carat (^) in global search keywords to narrow search results Examples: Cu: or Cus: or C^ to bring up Customer records Some prefixes will prove better filters than others (for example, inv: could bring up inventory items or inventory adjustments where as ite: more clearly indicates a search for an item) Language preferences / record-renaming (for example, if Vendors are called Suppliers) will impact global search prefixes Capitalizing the first letter of the search prefix will open the record in ‘Edit’ mode – entering the prefix in lower case will open the record in ‘View’ mode Cu: […]
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