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Tracking and Reporting Projects using Office 365 and Project Online

Did you know Office 365’s tools can make your PMO run more efficiently?

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    Top 10 Features of NetSuite 2020.1 Release

    The NetSuite 2020.1 release ushered in an impressive list of new features and enhancements to existing. The list is long, but we’ve highlighted ten features worth knowing below.   Banking NetSuite 2020.1 has vastly improved banking integration. It is now easy to configure a direct connection to your bank and pull statements in real-time, making…

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    3 NetSuite Reporting Features You Can’t Live Without

    In this blog, we’ll explore three key reporting features in NetSuite that will help you get complete visibility into your organizational data and performance. The three reporting features are: Financial Segmentation Slicing and Dicing of Financial Reports Financial Report Customization 1. Segmentation What are Financial Segments? The Financial Segments are divisions or subsets of business operations….

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    Creating Google Map Custom Portlets in NetSuite – a How-to Guide

    I am sure everybody appreciates NetSuite’s Dashboards and its flexibility in relation to custom reports and other business-related key performance indicators (KPIs). However, sometimes out-of-the-box functionality and numerous standard and custom KPIs in NetSuite are not enough. Frequently, there is a need to source external company information and feed it directly into NetSuite’s Dashboard, or…

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    NetSuite Video: SuiteCommerce (Session 2 of 2)

    This NetSuite training video provides a thorough overview of NetSuite SuiteCommerce and covers a wide range of topics including: Leveraging the power of SSP: What is SSP and Backcone.js? How is it used in Netsuite and how does it interact with Netsuite’s SuiteCommerce platform? Reference Checkout: General walk-through Reference Checkout Development Files Simple Customization My Account:…

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    Video: NetSuite Procurement

    This 50-minute video explores NetSuite Procurement and covers a broad array of related topics including: Purchase Limits, Approvers and Purchase Requests:  – Configuration of the Employee Record – Setup of the Employee Center – Purchase Request Process and Approvals Expense Reports through Employee Center:  – Expense Categories – Billable Expenses – Reimbursable Expenses Expense Report Approvals: …

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    FMT Consultants Named Winner of the 2014 Small Business Award for Customer Service Excellence

    The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce awards leading Microsoft, SAP and NetSuite consulting firm for superior customer service. San Diego, CA, June 6th, 2014 – FMT Consultants, a leading San Diego and Los Angeles based provider of technology solutions, was recently named winner of a 2014 Small Business Award from the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. FMT…

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    NetSuite Video: SuiteCommerce (Session 1 of 2)

    This NetSuite training video dives into NetSuite ecommerce and covers a wide range of topics including: Site Builder Setup: Setting up Domains and Preferences Glance at the Themes and Templates Items and the Content Manager: Web Store tab of the Item Record How to associate Items to the Tabs and Categories in the Content Manager…

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    Video: Analytics and Reporting with NetSuite

    Are you utilizing your company data to: Monitor the health and activities of your business? Obtain real-time and actionable insight into your organization? Gain visibility into market trends and buying patterns? Drive informed decision-making to increase profitability? If not, this video will help you get started. In this webinar Paul Clayton, Director of Consulting Services at FMT…

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