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Planning Document Management in SharePoint 2013
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 enables organizations to build a document management solution specifically tailored to their organizational needs, and to better manage the life cycle of their documents. To make sure that this solution is both practical and at the same time comprehensive, a fair amount of planning needs to take place before the solution is built. This article describes how to plan an effective Microsoft SharePoint 2013 based document management solution. The document management planning process consists of the following major steps: Identify Users The first step is to identify the users of an organization who interact with documents on a routinely basis. To identify these users, a comprehensive survey should be conducted to determine who creates documents and what types of documents they create. Furthermore, the survey should determine what roles the various users of a document have. These roles describe who creates documents, who reviews the documents, who […]
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Discussion Board Color Coding: How-to Guide
Recently we were required to customize the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 discussion board in such a way that discussions and comments posted after a certain date and time would be colored red so as to alert the users of new comments in a discussion.       We decided to implement this functionality through client side scripting. First we had to get our timestamp which would be compared with the timestamps of the discussions and the comments. In our case, our required timestamp was available in a document library, and through SharePoint CSOM JavaScript we were able to retrieve it from this library. Once we had the required timestamp, we developed a script that would color the discussions and comments red if their timestamp, available in the html of the page, was prior to our timestamp. The following JavaScript function colors the discussions red in the subject view of the discussion […]
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