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Improving SharePoint Application Performance
Refining your custom SharePoint solution's performance is an important and worthwhile effort. If your application's lists have a few hundred or less items, then performance may not be an issue. Such low numbers are easy to process and the servers can handle it with ease in most cases. If you have nearly 1,000 lists the application may become sluggish resulting in issues being reported by the users. To avoid a sluggish system, we recommend that you review the code for the following common issues: 1. Not making unnecessary connections to the server. 2. Keeping our data sets clean of extra columns or data we don't use. 3. Properly closing SPSite and SPWeb. 4. Loops are being handled correctly and are not redundant. 5. Wherever we query SharePoint, we're using CAML to get our items, not simply using Linq against an item collection. If the common issues stated above do not […]
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