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Creating an Integration Manager to Process Intercompany Payables (PM) Transactions in Microsoft Dynamics GP - Step-by-Step Instructions
Sometimes a company is associated with other companies. For instance, there could be a parent company that has multiple subsidiary companies under its umbrella. The parent, or originating, company would want to be reimbursed for expenses being incurred by the subsidiary, or destination, company. In order to do this in Microsoft Dynamics GP, an intercompany Payables (PM) transaction is needed. If these transactions occur frequently, it is beneficial to create an Integration Manager that can automatically create these intercompany transactions, minimizing manual work and maximizing efficiency. Integration Manager provides you with an easy way to integrate data between business applications. You can integrate data from external business databases, e-commerce solutions, or other data file types into the Microsoft Dynamics GP application. In order to do Intercompany PM transactions, you must have more than one GP company created in your database. The examples presented here will use the standard GP test […]
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