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SharePoint Framework SPFX with Angular2
SharePoint framework is the new client site development model. With the new Office 365 User Interface, the Page framework model has been changed altogether. Microsoft built a new framework to deliver customized User Interfaces in the form of Client Side web parts. The advantages of using the new SharePoint Framework (SPFX) can be listed as follows: Replacement for Script Editor or Content Editor Web Parts. No need to store custom settings for our web part in the form of SharePoint Lists.  Use of popular Client side frameworks link Angular, Angular2, Knockout, React etc. The blog will be based on the following sections. Each section has its own significance and can be skipped if you are already aware regarding particular section. Setting up Office 365 tenant Setting up your development environment Building your first Client web part using Angular2 1. Setting up Office 365 tenant Sign up for an Office 365 […]
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