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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Pricing and Features – What’s New in 2014
What’s New with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online? During Microsoft Dynamics Convergence in Atlanta in March 2014, Microsoft unveiled a great deal of exciting new products, soon to come features and new licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Some of the major highlights announced were: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing A brand new, end-to-end marketing automation solution including campaign management, email marketing, lead nurturing, marketing list management, assets and media management, marketing budgeting, marketing analytics, ROI and reporting, and much more. Learn more Microsoft Social Listening A new CRM feature providing powerful insights into social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and allowing marketers and sales reps alike to track products, brands, competitors and marketing campaigns across the social web. Learn more Parature With the acquisition of Parature, Microsoft brings enhanced customer service capabilities to Dynamics CRM, including features such as a self-service knowledgebase, live chat, case management, social care and […]
Improving Performance with Access Teams in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 – a How-to Guide
Introduction Access Teams is a new addition in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 that brings along a new way to define privileges and permissions for entities in CRM. Prior to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (in CRM 2011), security roles were the only means by which privileges were defined for entities. These privileges— Create, Read, Write, Delete, Append, Append To, Assign, Share—were defined in configurations for Security Roles from a User level of access to an Organization level of access. Once security roles had been configured, they were then assigned to various users or teams where the privileges defined in the security roles would get additively applied. However, there are a couple of caveats with the previous implementation of security: Security roles defined privileges for an entire entity. Due to the cumulative effect of security roles, if a user has several roles and/or belongs to a team with a role, performance can […]
Are You Considering an Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013? Here’s Why the New Licensing Model will Work in Your Favor
Need a reason to upgrade your current GP environment to GP 2013? How about getting a bunch of modules from Microsoft for FREE? Did you know that Microsoft is now requiring clients to upgrade to its latest Dynamics GP licensing schema, perpetual licensing, prior to upgrading to Dynamics GP 2013? This means that all current Microsoft Dynamics GP clients will have to have their current licensing schema (Professional, Standard, Business Essentials (BE), Advanced Management (AM), etc.) reviewed and then upgraded. So, why is this a positive thing? Because everyone that we have run through the licensing upgrade process has come out ahead. How so? In the past, figuring out the licensing costs, user privileges and modules included was quite the challenge. Depending on which licensing schema you were on, there could be three different types of users, and/or over 50 module options. If you were in the Standard or Professional Licensing […]
New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Service Pack 2: SmartList Designer
Earlier this year, we heard that Microsoft was returning sales and support of SmartList Builder to its original developer, eOne. While we were still waiting to find out what that meant for our customers, GP 2013 Service Pack 2 was released, quietly unveiling SmartList Designer: Similar to SmartList Builder, you do need to have a feel for how to join tables together. Also like SmartList Builder, you have the ability to point the Designer at any SQL view or table, including ones you create yourself, which means you can display just about any query you can imagine. It’s very new and there are a few small bugs that I expect will be ironed out in the next release, but it’s ready to use today. The manual can be found in the newest release of the Dynamics GP User Guide. For a quick tutorial, check out this video from Microsoft:   […]
SharePoint 2013 User Profile HTML Properties Lose Values on Edit – Here’s the Work-Around
The Problem In SharePoint 2013 there is a common problem that occurs when editing a user profile in situations where there is more than one HTML user profile property. In these instances, all the HTML properties except for the last one on the page will lose their values. This problem occurs in both SharePoint 2013 Online and On Premise. And it occurs on both the user profile edit pages accessible from SharePoint Central Administration and from My Sites. The Reason The problem is caused by a logical JavaScript error on the user profile edit page. A Java-Script function PopulateEditableRegion() is generated for each HTML property and is responsible for populating the HTML property with its value of the edit page. When there are more than one HTML property, this function runs only for the last HTML property on the page. function PopulateEditableRegion() { var editableRegion = document.querySelector('[InputFieldId=ProfileEditorEditAboutMe_hiddenRTEField]'); if (editableRegion) editableRegion.innerHTML […]
GL Integrations to Fixed Assets Sub-Ledger and Others in Microsoft Dynamics GP
The Challenge As a company grows so does the need to track information on a more granular level to strengthen the audit trail. One way of doing so is to track transaction information at the sub-ledger level. Unfortunately, many Dynamics GP users are entering transactions directly in the general ledger while, ideally, these transactions should be tracked within their respective sub-ledgers. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a useful out-of-the-box interface to transfer sub-ledger transaction information up to the general ledger. The challenge is to transfer journal entry details from the general ledger back down to the sub-ledgers – especially for organizations with hundreds or thousands of general ledger entries. The Solution Using simple integrations and configurations within GP, FMT has developed an efficient method to take standard general journal entries and integrate the transactions back into your sub-ledgers including fixed assets and other sub-ledgers. By utilizing tools such as eOne’s Smart Connect, […]
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