Summit16 Day 2: CRM Smack Talk Comes to the Workplace

FMT is at Summit16 this year and Day 2 showcased just as many exciting developments as Day 1. If you missed our first news roundup of Summit16 don’t worry, you can find it here.


It’s no surprise that Microsoft is continuing its vision to bring technology to the education experience. After all, they’ve been championing students and teachers everywhere for a while now. Day 2 saw the promise of continuing this effort with new tools and features that simplify and enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Gamification Fostering “Smack Talk” at Work

CRM will now have a “gamer’s view” where managers can create teams and allow them to compete while CRM tracks and shows their progress. These contests come with sports and game like templates such as a basketball court, customizable uniforms for team members, and more. Generation gap bridged!

CRM Marketing

CRM is in the process of refreshing its approaches and metrics, all based on the premise that today more than 80% of business connections begin online.

With this in mind, every communication, every click, every piece of information becomes vital in the quest to gain prospects attention and to convert them into satisfied customers.

CRM Sales + Outlook

New features continue to come up regarding CRM Sales and Outlook. This time standing ovation was in order when everyone received the news of editable grids and inline editing within Dynamics 365.

Along with this great feature, a new Process Editor was presented that is more than just words. Now, you can create and edit your custom processes graphically.

A new way to track customer touch points and interactions were also introduced which are based on the improved relationship between Outlook an CRM.

Hands On with Dynamics 365

Microsoft brought over 100 product and R&D team members to launch Dynamics 365. They also offered many hands-on sessions so that we could get a look at all the new features. We can’t tell you everything yet, but keep checking back for news!

summit16-day-2-hands-on summit16-day-2

Be Sure to Look for Updates on Day 3 Tomorrow!

Summit16 is still going strong and we’re learning a lot. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our summary of day 3 of the event!

If you have any questions about what the Microsoft Dynamics line of products can do for your business, or how you can take advantage of Dynamics 365 when it becomes available on November 1, please contact FMT using the form below. We’d love to hear from you!

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