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Sometimes, even the best ERP, CRM or IT systems don't work precisely the way we want them to. Sometimes our teams change. Sometimes the technology changes. And always, the business environment evolves.  

FMT offers flexible customer care options
tailored to improve user adoption, rapidly address covered events, and optimize solution value. Let us build one that works for you.
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Your technology infrastructure powers your business. If it stops working, or doesn’t work well, your business will lose money, time, and market position. For many companies, poorly performing applications drive away customers, suppliers, distribution partners, and employees. At FMT, we work to make sure our clients realize maximum value from the smart solutions we design, implement, and optimize.

Supported platforms include Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, Salesforce… and a combination of all three. In addition, FMT will provide infrastructure support (cloud, on-premise, and hybrid) and incident and performance monitoring.
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 build lasting Value with Customer Care

FMT works to provide configurable, practical, and highly effective support options at a fixed cost with no unpleasant surprises. Click below to expand text and see how your FMT Customer Care team provides dedicated support services for applications, implementations and IT solutions.

SILVER: A Place to Start

Unlimited support for covered events (excluding solution implementation) with 3-hour initial response time service level agreement. (SLA)

MANAGED APPLICATION SERVICES (MAS): Everything You Need, Nothing you Don’t

Sometimes, you just need something more. For those clients looking to supplement their internal IT resources, FMT can supply infrastructure support (network, servers, hardware) monitoring, backup, security, monthly KPI reporting, and more. MAS includes GOLD PLUS.

Up for Less Downtime?

As part of FMT Works, the Customer Care team uses premiere ticketing solutions and follows rigorously documented processes to resolve situations quickly and effectively. In many cases, the Customer Care team will join an active project at the outset of the implementation in order to improve documentation, communication and collaboration. In a mission-critical scenario, this focus on process excellence and proactive preparation has proven effective at reducing downtime, speeding resolution, and limiting client liability.

GOLD: Fast and Complete

Unlimited support for covered events (excluding solution implementation) with 1-hour initial response time service level agreement. (SLA) 

The Gold package represents high value and the swiftest possible response time. Once received and processed, actual resolution may take longer, but with a combination of online tracking and active communication, you will know the diagnosis, the recommended resolution, and be back up and running quickly and effectively.

Offsite but On Your Team

FMT understands your company and the systems you rely on to power your supply chain, run your sales organization, manage your books, and stay connected with customers, colleagues, and partners. We align our services to match your actual business needs and tailor our support services to complement your onsite resources.

Staffed on shore, our support staff works out of our headquarters in Carlsbad, CA with qualified employees working remotely and from customer sites across the United States. Offsite. On shore. On your team.

Monitor Service Pack and Updates

FMT keeps customers’ systems current and complete. Our Customer Care team proactively monitors releases of any covered service packs or updates. We evaluate their impact to current systems, and proactively reach out to our clients with recommendations on how to take best advantage of updates and service packs.

PLUS: Flexibility When You Need It

Can be added to either SILVER or GOLD support packages, and includes both solution implementation and unlimited support. The addition of solution implementation can be useful for smaller projects, enhancements and optimizations.

Qualified, Experienced, Dedicated

The FMT Customer Care team works both remotely and onsite at client facilities to apply their technical skills to solve real-life system issues that inevitably show up over time. 

The Customer Care team at FMT includes only dedicated support technicians. We take support seriously and don’t use it as a training ground for brand-new consultants.

FMT Value Delivery

A differentiated method for providing consulting services, software, hardware, training and support… whether project based or in service of ongoing performance. FMT Works consistently addresses data, processes, tools and their organized delivery.

With FMT Works, each client participates in a consistent, documented, and proven process to bring technology effectively to bear for your business. From evaluating your infrastructure readiness to managed testing processes, formal project management, training and change management, FMT Works with you and your team to identify and deliver value from your technology investment.

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