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Easily scale your business. Watch your teams achieve more with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Run your business better. Grow your business faster.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you’ll get a complete—and pleasantly familiar—out-of-the-box ERP solution. As you grow, you can always add more functionality. The basic setup provides tools that make operations, inventory, and accounting simple. This insight and simplicity lets you make smarter business decisions that lead to growth.

Step Up Your Financial Management

  • Create a Hub

    • Get more done as a team. You gain a seamlessly centralized system for accounting, HR, reporting & BI, supply chain, manufacturing, and project management.

    Track Your Transactions

    • Comply with local or federal regulations and validation requirements. You can easily access everything you need, from lot numbers to transaction histories.
  • See Live Data

    • Make better, more timely decisions with clear visibility—and in real time. Simply utilize in-depth reports and straightforward query functions.

    Improve Your Reporting

    • Accelerate your operations with 2,000+ reports, and refresh them in an instant. Propel your business with live financial reporting and keen business intelligence.


  • Automate Your Processes

    • Speed up and simplify your teams’ operations—plus improve accuracy—with built-in workflows.

    Scale with Ease

    • Keep up with your business’ growth. As you scale, you can add users and capabilities without a hitch.

How will you use Microsoft Dynamics GP?

  • Financial Management & Accounting

    Take control of your financials with transaction tracking, budgeting, and more.

  • Inventory Management & Operations

    Get up-to-the minute visibility over your production, inventory, and orders.

  • Sales & Service

    Keep track of sales, services, and field resources.

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Stay informed with robust end-user-created financial reporting.

  • Human Resources & Payroll

    Take care of your team with ease.

Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics GP, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Integration

Unite your business solutions from Microsoft.

You’ll seamlessly integrate GP with your other Microsoft products. Accomplish more with less effort.

  • Microsoft Office 365

    From document management and collaboration, to instant messaging and Excel-based analysis, your GP system interoperates with Office 365.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Pair Microsoft Azure’s reliability, scalability, and enterprise-level security with GP so you can streamline—and secure—your operations even more.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    When your ERP and CRM systems share important data, you keep your teams dialoguing—and saving time.

Start. Grow. Customize.

Meet your immediate needs, and rest assured your solution scales to support your growth. In the cloud? On-premises? Or a hybrid of the two? The choice is yours. You’ll also save time with the simplicity of Microsoft Dynamics GP licensing.


Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Case Study, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft, Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics GP, ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, Expense Reporting, Compliance, Life Sciences

Case Study: How We Spur Growth

Time and again, our experience reveals that better processes spur growth.

Here’s an example of our work: An aging accounting system limited Ionis Pharmaceuticals’ ability to effectively manage budgeting, purchasing, accounting, and compliance processes. To help, FMT Consultants implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP. Now Ionis Pharmaceuticals obtains more accurate, timely, and transparent expense reporting. It also has assurance that its operations comply with FDA validation requirements.


  • Client Testimonial

    “"FMT’s level of service led me to wonder if Ionis was its only customer! We have always felt like a top priority when working with FMT’s team, and we have the utmost confidence in their technical and industry knowledge."”

    -Beth Hougen - SVP Finance and CFO at Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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