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Optimize business productivity while keeping costs low with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from FMT. 

Whether using Microsoft or Oracle NetSuite for your ERP backbone, FMT will apply core financials, improve data quality, increase supply chain visibility, and help your team close the books quickly and with confidence.

Professional ERP Implementation Consultants

Modern ERP systems collect vital, user-specific accounting data, process it using automated analytics, and integrate it with information from adjacent systems including warehouse management (WMS), advanced planning, and customer engagement.

FMT Works together with your team to design, activate, and optimize an ERP system that will provide an end-to-end view of your manufacturing and distribution processes. Your accounting records. Your human capital. Your relationships. Your business. With an effective ERP solution from FMT, you will be able to manage your financials, make smart supply decisions, comply with regulations, reduce operational downtime, and react quickly to changing market conditions.

We provide a choice of leading ERP systems including Microsoft Dynamics GP,  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Oracle NetSuite.  While we offer unique value to manufacturing and distribution clients, with FMT you can have confidence in the quality and efficiency of your implementation team regardless of your industry.

Propel Business Through Your ERP

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Save Money, Save Time, Increase Value

ERP packages are a big investment. No matter which platform you choose, or which implementation team ultimately does the work, the costs of licensing and services can make even a seasoned CFO question the merits of the investment. 

With FMT, you not only get access to the world's leading ERP technology, you get an experienced implementation team that focuses on delivering maximum value to your business. 

You get what you pay for with ERP systems and the teams that implement them. The value a well-implemented ERP system can deliver to your business makes the dollars make sense.

Data Integration

ERP creates a system of record to unify data from across your organization and transform it into immediately useful business information. Your staff will have access to the tools and information necessary to make smart decisions when and where they need it. 

FMT works with a variety of integration technologies ranging from basic adapters, through EDI, VAN and API connections... to complete iPaaS platforms. The very best integration options  bring new and existing data sources, distributors, and supplier data into your system in a reliable, accurate, and efficient way.

Connect & Collaborate

So much more than a glorified checkbook or custom spreadsheet, a true ERP system establishes a common data structure in a centralized database for consolidating information from all across the business. 

With this single version of the truth, decision-makers can work together to review key metrics, business performance, planning, projections, and make smart decisions with reliable, accurate and complete business information. Because all of the data is compiled, stored, shared and accessed through a single system, the ERP reduces the potential for human error in data entry--and re-entry. And, virtually eliminates concerns about process errors, oversight, security and compliance.

Make Your Business More Efficient

Bringing all of the data necessary to make key business decisions into an ERP system makes it easier to organize and access information and eliminates the need for your team to search through multiple systems, train on multiple systems, and maintain and support multiple systems.

Drive Effective Decision Making

A central database of reliable business information also improves analytics and reporting. Whether looking at income and expense statements or customer KPI’s, ERP systems from either Microsoft or NetSuite reliably record and store the data necessary to deliver exceptional business intelligence.

Generating reports from multiple different suppliers, warehouses and distribution channels that would have otherwise taken days or weeks can be automated as an evergreen dashboard, and ready for review on demand, on any device. 

With roles-based security and data access, every person in the organization can see all the information they need in order to do their job well, and none of the information they don’t.

Improve Productivity

ERP automates tedious tasks. With traditional methods, tedious tasks are completely unavoidable. Tasks like generating reports, monitoring inventory levels, timesheet tracking and processing orders have historically taken employees hours to accomplish. In addition to taking up time, these processes lower employee morale and create the potential for human error. After hours and hours of entering the same line of data into different forms, even the best staff members are bound to make a mistake.

ERP eliminates manual processes. The database within ERP software eliminates redundant tasks such as data entry and allows the system to perform advanced calculations within minutes. This frees up your team members’ time to do more thoughtful work, increasing your ROI when it comes to labor. From this, ERP increases your organization’s productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Simplify Compliance & Risk Management

As companies grow, it can be difficult to manage compliance with the many different regulations, including taxation, and data security requirements. Luckily, Microsoft and NetSuite incorporate local, regional, national and international regulatory compliance into core ERP functionality. These solutions also provide built-in auditing tools to assist with documenting things like human capital, chemical use and tax provisions. This makes it easy to configure reports and submit them to the relevant governing bodies.

The inherent reliability and enhanced accuracy available from an ERP system improves overall financial management, reducing the risk of accounting errors and omissions. Advanced forecasting tools allow users to predict supply and demand events, resource constraints and performance against budget. Taken together, business leadership can navigate even complex market conditions with immediately useful, timely accurate and complete information.

Improve Inventory Monitoring

Growing companies face a major challenge when tracking, monitoring, and replenishing their expanding inventory levels. ERP solutions from FMT address a variety of inventory concerns while incorporating modern barcoding, RFID tags and serial numbers to keep tabs on your inventory as it moves across the supply-and-demand chain. 

Whether tracking lots, license plating or returns, an appropriately configured ERP system will help track inventory levels at different warehouses, which items are in transit with which 3PL, and which items are ready for sale. The increased warehouse visibility optimizes the pick, pack and ship process greatly, removing guesswork and improving distribution capacity and confidence.

Inventory monitoring also bolsters reporting, as tracking technologies provide more accurate numbers. Users can configure custom KPIs to see which products move the fastest — showing greater demand — and which increase carrying costs. With the greater precision provided by ERP, warehouse managers can get real-time data on their inventory to make more accurate business decisions.

Manage Resources, Improve Planning

Along with managing your inventory, ERP also manages the manufacturing process. ERP provides insight into all manufacturing operations including the shop floor. This enables users to optimize production schedules, equipment and labor to maximize capacity.

ERP manages the Bill of Materials (BOM) and fixed assets. Users can easily create and edit BOMs, track previous changes, and manage supplier prioritization, backlogs, and WIP. Fixed asset management allows users to schedule equipment maintenance to reduce unexpected downtime to improve profitability and supply chain relationships.

Happy Suppliers. Happy Distributors. Happy Customers.

Managing your business relationships has never been so important. NetSuite and Microsoft ERP solutions come ready-made to take full advantage of CRM functionality either as part of the Suite or as part of the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. And, both platforms readily integrate with one or more Salesforce Clouds including Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and the newly released Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud.
Integrated with an ERP, your CRM gains access to data across business functions, and the ERP system gains access to real-time order history, billing information, and customer lifetime value. This enables your team to see your clients, suppliers and distributors more holistically and to gain a better understanding of their wants and needs. The increased visibility informs business planning and improves market engagement.

Adding Value With ERP

Creating a real-world ERP solution typically involves a host of complementary modules, integrations and third-party assets. At FMT we work with each client to determine the correct priorities to swiftly deliver the greatest possible value at a fair price.  

In addition to our core functional offerings of ERP, CRM, Integration, IT, and Business Intelligence, FMT represents powerful solutions to support your warehouse management, 3PL, distribution, iPaaS, EDI, supplier, and ecommerce needs.

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Modern ERP solutions from Microsoft and NetSuite work well for mid-size businesses looking to grow and expand. Sometimes, an ERP solution can activate new market opportunities that require reliable and accurate inventory information, supply-chain visibility and efficient fulfillment.

For companies in manufacturing and distribution, working well with the leading retail and ecommerce companies like Wayfair, Costco, and Amazon means the difference between national prominence and obscurity. It also requires a proven, reliable, and smart connection to their supplier management systems.

FMT specializes in helping midmarket suppliers take advantage of practical ERP solutions that include WMS, Integration (EDI, iPaaS, API), and select functional applications. Get control of your supply-chain information and securely share it with the world's leading market makers.


Certified and experienced, FMT works closely with the best mid-market technology providers to offer process improvements or complete solutions within a specific platform, or between platforms. Whether your team works with Microsoft, NetSuite, Salesforce… or all three at once… FMT works with you.
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FMT Consultants is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work

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  • Enterprise Resource Planning
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  • Cloud Platform
  • Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions
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FMT Consultants is a 5 Star Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider.

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  • Procurement
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FMT Consultants is a Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner with 29 Certifications, including:

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As a value-added reseller, or VAR, FMT constantly reviews and evaluates technology providers in an ongoing effort to select and deliver full value from the industry's top application vendors. The listings here represent some of our top partners in the ERP market space. Not only do we sell these solutions, we also provide solution design, implementation and integration services.

The right solution for your company is the one that works best for you and your team. At FMT we want to work with you to put the very best technology in place to build value for you, your customers, and your business.



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