Solution Demo: Automated Order-to-Delivery Process with NetSuite

The order-to-delivery process is full of steps and – for many suppliers – manual tasks. But how can you streamline the process, and what would that look like?

We’ve spoken with countless suppliers throughout the years, and while their businesses may vary, the major challenges they face are similar.

Common Challenges Suppliers Experience

  • Lack of integration across multiple trading partners. Plus, each partner may have specific requirements, adding more manual processes to your workload.
  • Lack of real-time inventory visibility. Have you ever sold something that wasn’t actually available? Lack of real-time data is often at the root of negative client experiences.
  • Managing peak season order volume. More orders are great, as long as you can deliver packages on time during peak season and high-volume events.
  • Advanced ship notice (ASN) requirements. Has a client ever canceled an order because she thought it hadn’t been shipped? The cost of not sending the notice to your trading partners is high.

So what does an automated order-to-delivery process with visibility into real-time data look like?

Automated Order-to-Delivery

Instead of entering orders from your trading partner into an Excel sheet or keying them into a system, an automated process inputs those orders into your NetSuite cloud ERP through EDI or API integration. The ERP solution then handles order processing; tracks and manages the order and its expected ship date(s); allocates the inventory; and posts the accounting entries.

The fulfillment process auto-generates the picklist; facilitates bulk or wave picking through NetSuite’s built-in WMS; and generates integrated shipping labels for expedited delivery. And lastly, ASNs are created to ensure customers are properly notified of shipment arrival details. Shipments may also be processed through integrated 3PLs, and NetSuite is updated with those 3PL activities.

Automating with NetSuite

NetSuite is a comprehensive cloud solution that drives the process outlined above – from the automated order entry through notifying your clients that their order is on the way and has been shipped.

To see how NetSuite automates the order-to-delivery process, view our NetSuite solution demo here.Order-to-Delivery process with NetSuite

We’ve activated NetSuite for many manufacturing and distribution clients, from emerging businesses to enterprise organizations. Contact us to speak with our NetSuite consultants about the automated order-to-delivery process with NetSuite. We'd love to help build your business with NetSuite!

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