Service your Customers best with D365 CRM Service Module

Your customers are relying on your service to help them work through their daily woes and the Dynamics 365 CRM Service Module can help you do just that!

In this blog, we’ll discuss various Out of Box features and many benefits of the Service Module. FMT can help your business unlock this functionality and much, much more.

The CRM Service Module in D365 enables you to accept an incoming customer request on a Case (or incident), manage these in queues or views, and track all communications with your customer.

CRM Service Module

Automatic Case Creation

When an email is received by the designated Service Email Account, the system automatically creates a new Case, and with a simple extension, we can assign it to a Queue and even send automatic responses to the customer! Including situations where the customer is unknown in CRM, we are easily able to configure the system to create the Case Record.

This alleviates the need for custom code to create a new record in CRM based on an incoming email, as was required in previous versions of CRM.

Let FMT help you provide a better Customer Experience by deploying the Service Module.

Routing Rules

Using routing rules will ensure prompt assignment of Cases to the correct users and/or teams. While basic routing is not new to CRM, conditional routing is now part of the out of box Service Module management.

Use advanced rules to route based on any CRM field (ie: SLA, Entitlement, Account, etc) with multiple rule items under one rule to handle complex situations.

Entitlements & Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Entitlements allow you to define the amount of work a customer is entitled to in their agreement. CRM will automatically calculate remaining available work for the customer by comparing the allocated Entitlement Terms and Cases that have been opened or resolved.

Entitlement settings can include

  • Case count or number of hours
  • How many of the above are purchased for consumption by the customer
  • Whether the remaining terms is based on Case Creation or Resolution

SLAs are agreements between a client (ie: your customer) and a vendor (ie: your company). For every SLA you can track key indicators for things like the response or resolution time.

These KPIs give you the ability to define actions when a KPI is not met or is expected to be violated. This means that you can be proactive in avoiding fails with a customer – keeping customers happy and communication flowing.


The Knowledgebase is a repository for your organization’s information stored as articles and can be organized by subject. The main benefits are

  • A central place for information (ie: not stored on user machines)
  • Consistent formats
  • Accessible by the entire organization

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal allows your customers to interact with your business in a self-service format to obtain real-time information and communicate directly with you. Setup of the portal is uncomplicated and some of the features beneficial to your customer include:

  • Create new Cases
  • Review existing Cases
  • Make notes
  • Empower the customer to understand the types of cases being submitted, where help is needed most

For more on Customer Portals, check out this FMT blog: “Why Use Dynamics CRM Portals?

The CRM Service Module of D365 is beneficial for any (customer) service minded CRM client, big or small, to track issues and needs and communicate with customers across various mediums.

Please note: Microsoft’s cloud-based customer engagement solution, Parature, will be completely discontinued on May 15, 2018. Don’t let this affect your customer interactions and business! FMT is here to help you with your migration to D365 CRM Service Module.

If you’re ready to make a switch from an existing helpdesk/service system or want to learn more about the Service Module and Microsoft Dynamics 365, contact us using the form below.

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