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  • NetSuite 2015 Year-End Closing Manual

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    NetSuite 2017 Year-End Closing Manual

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    NetSuite 2018 Year-End Closing Manual


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    7 Game Changing Trends: Online Accounting Software

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    From Quickbooks to Cloud Financials

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    The Buyer's Guide to Financial Management Software

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    Executive ERP Evaluation and Investment Guide with NetSuite

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    How to Start and Grow your Company from Idea to Exit ebook

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    5 Signs You Need an Upgrade from QuickBooks to ERP

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    8 Ways Legacy ERP Harms Businesses

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    Empowering Financial Services Firms to Reach Beyond the Limitations of Quickbooks

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    Using WMS to Create Your Optimal Warehouse



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  1. Rename-Records-NetSuite

    Renaming Records in NetSuite

    One of the most important features in a CRM or ERP software service is to be able to make customizations with ease. In this article, we will go over renaming records in NetSuite, to change the names of your records and transactions from NetSuite’s default names to names that fit the terminology of your company….

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  2. Saved Search-NetSuite

    Saved Searches: Powerful and Underutilized

    If you’re a NetSuite user or know much about NetSuite, you are probably aware that the software’s largest and most compelling feature is the single database model that is accessible by all users from anywhere in the world (as long as you have an internet connection). This means you can utilize the power of saved…

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  3. NetSuite

    ASC 606 and the impact on your business

    The ASC 606 revenue recognition standard represents the most widespread change to revenue recognition rules in recent years. Effective Dec. 15th 2017 (nonpublic companies have an additional year), the new regulation was created to replace the industry-specific guidelines with a single standard across all industries. The implementation of new comprehensive revenue recognition guidance brings monumental…

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  4. NetSuite

    From AdWords to NetSuite – Implement Pay Per Click Campaign data into CRM

    Who uses NetSuite? NetSuite provides a full CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (cloud-based enterprise resource planning) technology solutions. A traditional answer would be sales and accounting. But business has changed a lot in the past two years, in particular, marketing. There has been a rise in machine learning automation as opposed to rules-based. This helped…

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  5. Netsuite-2017-2

    New NetSuite Features in 2017.2 Release – SuiteScript and SuiteFlow

    With the release of NetSuite-2017-2, we can look forward to a new set of features to add to the existing NetSuite system we all know and love. NetSuite will be buffing up across the board. This blog we will focus specifically on SuiteScript and SuiteFlow updates. Priority Settings on Script Deployments  All map/reduced and scheduled script…

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  6. NetSuite

    What’s New in NetSuite 2017.2

    Each new release of NetSuite brings a host of fresh features and improvements to existing functionality – 2017.2 is no exception. In a sign of Oracle’s focus on customer satisfaction, many of the new features originated as enhancements requested by the user community. This article will review a few of the most anticipated enhancements that…

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