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FMT Works helps speed value delivery by keeping everyone connected, directed, and working efficiently. At FMT, we use our proprietary value delivery system to guide our efforts from initial contact through to project go-live and ultimately to value realization. 

FMT Works: the smart way for FMT to help clients and partners build lasting value together.
Let’s Work

A Proven Process to Build Business

FMT Works provides a repeatable method for FMT to build client value through the managed delivery of consulting services, software licensing, hardware, training and support. This fully integrated framework spans 14 stages covering engagement through input, transformation, output and ultimately value realization. FMT Works delivers fast, effective, and highly reliable solutions for your business.

an established path to value

Our factory or “Works” consists of a state-of-the-art home office in Carlsbad, California with remote team members active and engaged across the world. Every system secure and connected. Every team member focused on client success and building lasting value. We use what we sell and have confidence in our ability to build, test and deploy the very best solutions.

We work hard, and we love what we do. Whether engaged in client projects, researching potential new partners, or expanding our technical or business credentials, you will find the team at FMT focused, committed and working for your success. We support each other to work harder, think bigger, and deliver real value together with-and-for our clients.

The team at FMT has spent more than 25 years developing an approach to delivering smart solutions in manufacturing, distribution, services and more that work the way our clients work. Because we support what we sell and implement, our clients continue to realize value from Microsoft, NetSuite, Salesforce, and any combination or platforms, partners, and processes.
Let's Work

Engage. Input. Transform. Output. Value.

FMT Works transforms inputs including (labor, value metrics, system resources, processes and information) into outputs (integrated workflows, smart solutions, team training, change management) that provide value realization (what matters most) to our clients. Delivering practical value through our work together motivates and drives our business.

Getting to Know You

During our Engagement stages, the team at FMT works to identify and align with prospective clients based on a mixture of industry, location, company size, market position, and competitive intent. We use a combination of tools and techniques to find our ideal clients, and to help our ideal clients find FMT.

Smart Questions Get Smart Answers

Systems don’t work in isolation, and neither do we. We consider your entire environment prior to making solution recommendations. We want you to know exactly what you’re buying when you choose to work with FMT.

Your engagement team will use one or more structured questionnaires in order to gather information around your requirements for ERP, CRM, Integration, IT, Networking, and/or Support. We supplement these discovery documents with live discussions and on-site assessments in order to swiftly put together a complete and accurate project scope that includes timelines, resource requirements, and licensing estimates.

Delivering the Solution

The professional technologists and business consultants at FMT work hard to deliver the greatest possible value from your technology investment. We look for the ideal combination of price, performance, scalability and supportability in everything we implement. 

Our diverse workforce of seasoned supply chain professionals, innovative marketing and commerce specialists, and established financial technology experts use FMT Works on every project to maintain velocity, visibility and build value. We work primarily on-shore while providing limited off-shore and near-shore options when appropriate to help manage costs.

During the implementation, we work hard to keep costs down, but not at the expense of quality, accuracy or delivering a complete solution. We believe the combination of PMO, IT insights, intrinsic customer support, managed user acceptance testing (UAT), change management and ongoing training provides a solid recipe for success.

Making Good Choices

We represent three of the most premium technology platforms in the world, along with leading third-party software applications and services partners. This provides our clients with solid options. And, our team has both general capabilities and deep vertical expertise. We work hard to find the businesses that will realize the most possible value from our work together to implement and optimize solutions from Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, and Salesforce. 

Whether you’re in manufacturing, distribution, services, life sciences, food & beverage, or something altogether different — FMT works to get to know you.

Measuring What Matters

We work together with your team to select and set targeted “Value Metrics” for each major project. These specific, measurable, and prioritized outcomes validate the success of our work together. Beyond the useful financial perspectives of TCO or ROI, Value Metrics describe the business processes and performance outcomes that matter to your organization. 

Once established, we monitor your unique Value Metrics throughout our project to make sure our teams stay focused on building the value that matters for you and your business.

Output: Lasting Value

We believe in thinking big, doing the right thing, and delivering lasting value to every client, and along the way changing systems, workflows, team behaviors and supply-chains to resolve technology debt, improve performance, and support more competitive business performance.

Following a completed project, as our clients transition from working with the Delivery team to Customer Support, we revisit the Value Metrics established at the outset of our work together. If we’ve done what we set out to do, we can recognize the progress and affirm the value creation. We also use this opportunity to evaluate the relative strength of the solution, identify areas for improvement or optimization, and determine how best to continue our work together as partners.

Mapping the Path to Value

Once we’ve found each other and determined that working together has the potential to create solid value for you and your team, FMT works hard to establish clear, complete, and specific expectations from you about your business objectives, your key supply-chain processes, and the combined resources we have available to bring a smart solution forward for your business. We move quickly and involve you and your team each step of the way.

Staying on Task

Throughout the transformative process of project execution, FMT works to establish an efficient, transparent, and effective project cadence. Our Project Management Office (PMO) provides vital oversight of project execution. Qualified project managers speed project completion, maintain visibility, and help catch small issues before they grow in size and impact. 

Our project management team provides a centralized source of project information and works to identify, organize, and prioritize solution delivery to include resource management, project approvals, and costs.

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