Reduce the Costs of Sending out Information with DocLink and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Finding an alternative to sending paper documents in the mail or via a courier can mean significant cost savings.

Imagine if all of the documents in your organization were stored in a secure, electronic library that could be accessed by all the different locations at the click of a button. Rather than shipping something to another office, you could just route it electronically. You could even have a set of rules to automatically route the proper documents to save additional time.

As far as getting documents to vendors and customers, instead of mailing or shipping them, DocLink can deliver them through email, fax or FTP. You might be thinking, “There are still those customers or vendors who would prefer to stick with the paper document, and keeping track of who wants which documents sent in which way could be a pain.” But DocLink  has the capability to automate the whole process. When preparing a batch of invoice to go out, for example, the system will identify the preferred delivery method on each account. It will then automatically prepare an email for the ones who want it emailed, while sending the others to the printer. Another amazing feature is the ability to make a note in the system if there’s additional documents particular customers like to have sent at the same time. These additional documents will also get attached to the email automatically, or sent to the printer and collated behind the appropriate invoice.

This electronic delivery of documents is just one of the many ways to automate the way a business runs – and the time and cost savings from that alone could amount to a lot. Think about your processes and let us help you find ways to work smarter.

To learn more about how to go paperless and streamline processes throughout your business, attend an educational webinar on DocLink, Integrated Document Management for Dynamics GP on Tuesday, July 16 at 11 am (PT).

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