CRM Evaluation and Implementation Plan

If your company isn’t ready for a CRM, no matter what you implement, you won’t get the results you want.

But you can make sure that doesn’t happen!

Take the first step to a successful CRM roll-out and see if your business is ready for a CRM.

By taking this first step, you’ll learn:

  • How your current sales processes supports using a CRM
  • What system fits you best – Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • How will your CRM integrate with your ERP in real time
  • How to define analytical data and reporting requirements
  • Best Implementation plan to take full advantage of a CRM

We'll do all of the heavy lifting.
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"We've hired and worked with lots of vendors and partners over the years and have never been happier than working with FMT Consultants."

Nick Richtsmeier
COO - Trilogy Capital Group

The implementation plan doesn’t have to be frustrating. Gain a solid understanding of whether your business is ready for CRM with FMT Consultants’. This offer is estimated at $8900 with 37 hours over two weeks!

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