New NetSuite Features in 2017.2 Release - SuiteScript and SuiteFlow

With the release of NetSuite-2017-2, we can look forward to a new set of features to add to the existing NetSuite system we all know and love. NetSuite will be buffing up across the board. This blog we will focus specifically on SuiteScript and SuiteFlow updates.

  1. Priority Settings on Script Deployments  All map/reduced and scheduled script deployments have now priority settings included. You are now able to set the priority to ‘Low’, ‘Standard’, or ‘High’. Standard priority is the default setting. Use Low priority if the script can afford a longer wait time. High priority marked scripts will be moved up in the queue and will be processed more quickly.
    Netsuite-2017-2 Priority Settings on Script DeploymentsThis feature should prove to be beneficial for both developers and customers. There are many scenarios where certain tasks need to be executed more immediately than others while other tasks can wait a little longer before being processed. You can also edit or view priority for multiple deployments at Customization > Scripts > Priority Settings.
  2. Enhancements to Scripted Record Page
    The Scripted Records page lists the record types with at least one user event or one client script deployed on the record. When one of these records is clicked, the following items associated with the record will be displayed on the associated Scripted Record page:
    • user event scripts
    • client scripts
    • custom forms
    • workflow

    NetSuite-2017-2 adds even more information to the page which improves the usability and navigation of the Scripted Record page:

    • information about script owners and associated bundles
    • links to the script records, custom forms, and workflows listed
    • you can now edit inline the Status and Deployed columns on the Client Side and Scripts and User Event Scripts tab (if in edit mode)

    I am personally excited about the links to the script records, custom forms and workflows. As a developer, this will save me a lot of clicks, typing, and time if I need to make changes on a script or see how certain scripts are affecting the record on the fly.

  3. SuiteFlow (Workflow Manager) Upgrades
    • Workflow Revisions
      • Used for tracking the number of edits made to a workflow
      • Starts at revision 1
      • Adding a custom workflow field, adding an action , and changes to a workflow’s definition or any of its children would increase the revision number 1
    • System Notes will display the change made to a workflow and the workflow revision number

    Netsuite-2017-2 SuiteFlow/Workflow Manager/Upgrades-History

These are just a fraction of the new features and updates NetSuite will introduce with the 2017.2 release.  For even more features and improvements, you can visit our blog What’s New in NetSuite-2017-2, where Carolyn writes about Advanced BOM functionalityImproved Location Details screenJournal Entry Printing, and Fixed Asset Management Enhancements.

NetSuite offers product upgrades twice a year, to provide customers with improved functionality and usability. The NetSuite-2017-2 release is available now for upgrade. For further assistance, feel free reach out by submitting the contact form below.

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