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Day 4: "Disruptive" Endings


1:00 P.M.

American Authors was the group to hear at the closing Keynotes. I was left with a few thoughts.
Empowerment - Microsoft has positioned itself to provide innovate products, people and is taking security of the Cloud very seriously with Voices for Innovation, VFI.
You can make a difference. Read about the LEADS ACT at
Windows 10 is taking old school and new school and placed it into one product.
Disruptive... This is a term I walked away with this week at WCP... We can grow accept new ideas and continue to learn, disruptive as it may feel, we as leaders and innovators need this disruption to keep moving forward creativity, movement and abilities. If we do not keep reaching where will we go, we can only comfortable way is forward, so there could be some discomfort but there will be upside from the accomplishments we will make as a partner in business, as a team as one.

oie_170257ozDaqmFSI had meetings with partners that sell the same services as FMT Consultants.

Why you ask? The customer... To create a true partnership for the customer. At times, if partners work together we can create a dynamics for the customer that is truly a perfect fit.

I walked away from WCP2015 with learning more about how I can serve IAMCP SoCal North as membership commuter chair, advocacy for Voices for Innovations and Women in Technology.

I've learned more about the new products by Microsoft and how I can help my clients with their business processes.

I would like to personally thank FMT Consultants LLC for the opportunity to go to Orlando, FL for this conference as I want to be that trusted advisor to all my clients today and in the future. I am only as successful as my first client, and build one client at a time.

Looking forward to Toronto Canada In 2016.


Day 3: Building Your Confidence Muscle

10:00 A.M.oie_16235948QkUV184s

WPC2015 had over 400 sessions to select from. I had selected sessions like Voices of Innovation which I am the Advocacy Chair for IAMCP . It is about learning more about the LEADS Act, this has to do with the security of your data, who is responsible for the data. Legislation and laws need to be revised,as the laws are the same as when a price of mail traveled by horseback.
I attended IAMCP Women In Technology WIT - How to start a local Chapter to help with making technology more known to children and women and how they could make a significant difference in the workplace.


11:30 A.M.

IAMoie_ZRXCvW9xu6uyCP Women In Technology WIT luncheon was awesome. Speaker Tiffany Bova spoke on Build Your Confidence Muscle.
There are not enough women in the technology field. We need to start girls early in technology, sciences.
As women we need to flex our confidence muscle when pushing through things that are uncomfortable. Whether it is a meet and greet or asking for more money for the responsibilities at hand. So the next time your uncomfortable to ask a question of someone you feel is untouchable or want a job that is a reach... Just ask and be great in that role. Be an example to a young girl, that you can create the possibility for her to experience a career in technology, technology needs her.



3:15 P.M.

The SEO/SEM session I attended had over one hundred attend.  Organic positioning of websites is still an issue with today's website traffic... How to position your website economically is always a session that is of interest.



4:30 P.M.

Rest of the day yesterday was with Partner Meetings with Partners and Microsoft to see how we can better serve the Microsoft Client Community.
I was so exhausted that I did not attend the Disney event but I heard it was really good times dancing with Mickey.


Day 2: Walking The Conference Floor


9:15 A.M.

The day has begun with walking the conference floor and talking to sponsors and Microsoft Partners.
Each participant is wearing a different badge color. Blue is Microsoft Employee, Green Mentor, Red First Attendee (my color), black is attending less than five times.
Microsoft has done so much to plan this event to help the first time attendee. There are booths around with friendly volunteers and you can always ask someone on the floor that is wearing any color badge but red, they can help.

10:00 A.M.

oie_1519356UbTnw77h (1) What an awesome way to start a day. Social media, Partnering and learning what is new at Microsoft. Windows 10, gig jam, Cortona Analytics, Holo Lens (3D technology)
What a Fantastic time to be in technology. The transformation for each individual and how technology touches each and every one of us.
Windows 10 is bringing everything we loved from Microsoft Windows old school and new school. Cortona Analytics,will give the novice user the same opportunity to use the power tools of the Microsoft software platform by providing a voice command of what task you are wanting to complete.
One platform, phones, server,Holo lens, security. Phones will be able to be used as PC just plug into monitor.

After Keynotes went out to talk with Partners and learn more about Social media. Social media is driving business awareness and branding for companies and for individuals. Social media is creating unique individual branding and there is etiquette when, tweeting, On Facebook, Yammer.



Day 1: Microsoft Partner Network Really is Amazing.



2:20 P.M.

I got a call from Justin Slagle telling me he had a conference ticket if I wanted it. Called my boss at FMT and here I am in Orlando Florida for WPC 2015. The beauty of partnership.

Now that I have arrived, Microsoft has great signage and enough help to make the first time experience one to remember. They have a registration both right at baggage claim so I got my pass right away. A few short minute wait and the buses were available to take us to the convention center. Once at the convention center, different routes where available to take you to the hotel. The volunteer staff has been friendly and knowledgeable.
The hotel accommodations, Orlando Hyatt Regency is where I am staying. I am only staying because another partner open up a place for me to stay as I have last minute plans.

Thank you to everyone at Microsoft, FMT Consultants, PremierIT and IDT for making WPC possible to attend.
WPC 2015 has officially started, off the a mixer to meet as many partners as possible tonight.

6:48 P.M.



Approximately 15,000 are to attend WPC 2015 in Orlando.

Microsoft had a reception with partner demonstrations, food, drinks and giveaways.

The demos are informative and I have some great information to bring back to the team at FMT.

Great networking opportunities and it as promised that the best is yet to come.

I just want the Microsoft Windows 10 race car...that was not a giveaway!!!


6:52 P.M.

It was great to see the guys from SoCal and SoCal North chapters.  IAMCP had a party with members from NY, Washington DC and CA.


There is Bill Hole, Chapter President and Juan Rodriguez with over 20 years of Microsoft background and have been coming to WPC for years.


Written By:
Veronica Place
Account Executive
FMT Consultants, LLC

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