Microsoft StaffHub overview – A Mobile Scheduling Solution for the Frontline Worker

I recently worked with a hotel and restaurant client that was considering using tools to improve efficiency, collaboration, and centralized communication such as Microsoft StaffHub. Having their workforce always on the go, and rarely at a computer to view the most up to date information. They needed a central way for employees to view their assignments, communicate as a team, and access and prioritize information. This would allow them to provide world-class service for high-end clientele.

So what is Microsoft StaffHub and why was it a good fit for this client?

Microsoft’s Mobile First strategy focuses on “Devices not Desktops” viewing smartphones and tablets as mobile computers allowing users to access tailored business information quickly anywhere via intelligent mobile apps.  Microsoft StaffHub was recently announced as a new application for Office 365 designed to help staff workers manage their workday—with schedule management, information sharing and the ability to connect to other work-related apps and resources via mobile devices.


In this blog, we will review 4 important Microsoft StaffHub features - Staff Scheduling, Shift Change Requests, Share Files and Announcements and Real-Time Chat and Collaboration - that allowed our client to meet their goals.

1. Staff Scheduling

Microsoft StaffHub allows for managers to create, and manage shift schedules for their teams, traditionally organized using a manual paper-based process.

Employees quickly access all their assigned shift information, from the Microsoft StaffHub mobile app. An assigned employee can also view who else will be working that day to plan ahead or to contact unscheduled resources to request a shift change swap.

Detailed planning notes on the day’s specials, scheduled tasks, or to-do can also be added to the shift assignments allowing employees to know what to expect when they get in.

2. Shift Change Requests

When schedule conflicts come up, Microsoft StaffHub makes it easy to swap a scheduled shift or offer a shift to someone else.

The approval process is displayed in a workflow status timeline on the mobile app to provide awareness of the request status.  Once a shift swap is approved by the respective manager, requests and updates are automatically sent to team members ensuring shift coverage.  Stakeholders can communicate and share information collaboratively via integrated chat.

Status notifications are pushed to connected devices assisting to prompt all those involved.

3. Share Files and Announcements

With Microsoft StaffHub, managers can quickly distribute important information to their team.

Imagine this. You have a new employee you are onboarding and want to get them up to speed quickly with client information, corporate policy, or rates, menu items, and specialty items of the day.  With Microsoft StaffHub, you can share files and create central announcements that are pushed to the mobile devices of your team.  These files can even include images or instruction videos which can be viewed on apps available on smart phones and tablets.

Microsoft StaffHub provides notifications for all unread items ensuring your staff is made aware of any new information with pop up alerts that can be received regardless of whether your team member is logged into StaffHub or not.

4. Real-Time Chat and Collaboration

With distributed teams, work-based communication across departments is key.

Microsoft StaffHub connects all users together allowing them to instantly provide questions, answers, feedback, or input through integrated chat.  Much like most chat engines, users can use emoticons, provide hyperlinks, and attach files.

Accessed directly from the StaffHub mobile app, multiple users can share ideas in real-time from mobile devices regardless of location.  Key business decisions are made collaboratively and quickly without the need to coordinate pulling resources off the work floor for staff meetings.  That’s efficiency!

This blog is a review of Microsoft StaffHub cloud-based platform. If you would like to know more about how to enable employees to manage time, communicate with their teams, and share content, reach out by submitting the contact form below.

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