Microsoft Dynamics GP & ReQlogic Deprecating Basic Authentication

As many of us are aware Microsoft is deprecating the use of “basic authentication” in Exchange Online. This change started October 1, 2022 and affects many of our GP clients who are using the emailing function in GP or other ISV products.

Navigating the impact of this change has been difficult for many of our clients due to the complexity of the environments involved, software layers included, and version cut offs for various products. FMT has leveraged our extensive experience and knowledge to best assess each client’s environment with some recommended options below.

Each of these options have a cost, consulting services or user’s time, and timeline associated. This communication will need to have a follow-up call to dive into the details of each option and choose the best path moving forward for your business needs. FMT is a top Microsoft Partner and is best positioned to provide recommendations.

To achieve the best outcome (meaning the least business impact) GP would need to be on version 18.2 or higher and ReQlogic on v13 or higher. If you are not in one of these situations, the following are possible options:

  1. Option 1:Upgrade GP and RL to the latest versions
  2. Option 2:Rely on manual emailing functions to notify the approvers that there are documents in their queue to approve
  3. Option 3:Implement an ISV that provides emailing capabilities without using your O365 online exchange.
  • Twilio SendGrid
  • Sinch Mailjet

If you do not know your situation but use GP or ReQlogic, give us a call. We will work with you to ensure that you have the least possible impact on your business and associated processes. We have done this for many clients and can certainly help navigate you to the right solution.

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