Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has the ability to improve sales productivity by streamlining your sales process and empowering your sales team with fast access to useful data.

Manage Work More Easily

  • Manage customer e-mail, appointments, tasks, and contacts from a single business application
  • Quick user adoption, working in CRM is a natural extension of Microsoft Office Outlook

Improve Sales Qualification

  • Spend time with the right leads and prospects
  • Establish consistent follow-up process and automate sales activity with powerful system workflow

Increase Sales Success

  • Access relevant data to allow for a complete view of customers (interactions, orders, contracts, offers, relationships associated with the account)
  • Increased visibility allows sales team to effectively offer the right product or service to the right customer at the right time
  • Shorten sales cycle and improve win rates with lead and opportunity management, automated lead routing, sales process management, and competitor tracking

Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Allows your sales team real-time access to customer data from any Web-enabled device
  • Quickly respond to customer requests while on the road
  • Better prepare for client meetings via real-time account details
  • Update and receive leads continuously 24/7
  • Discover new opportunities right on the spot

Analyze Sales Performance

  • Generate and use reports to forecast sales, measure business activity and performance, track sales and service success, and identify trends, problems, and opportunities
  • Create insightful and focused dashboards for executives that adeptly highlight key sales metrics and top performance indicators

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will be able to better monitor your entire sales process, from qualifying a lead to recording all customer interactions thus resulting in more repeat business.

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Written By:
Nicole Kirkpatrick
Marketing Coordinator
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