Microsoft 365 Zero Trust Cloud Security Assessments

We’ve helped many organizations - are you one of the last few holdouts?

Businesses across the globe are facing the seemingly insurmountable task of defending themselves against cyber-attacks while increasing flexibility around when, where and how employees work in increasingly hybrid and remote environments.

What are you supposed to do? Smart businesses realize they don’t know what they don’t know so they come to FMT, a division of Citrin Cooperman LLC, to get tested! Each year, dozens of clients ask us to help them understand the current state of their digital estate—including their technology stack and business applications—through paid assessments. Don’t be one of the last few holdouts, because when security assessments and Zero Trust principles align, improving your security posture with value-driven business outcomes is no longer an insurmountable task.

What is Zero Trust?

A Zero Trust model is a proactive, integrated approach to security across all layers of the digital estate that explicitly and continuously verifies every login and access attempt; asserts least-privilege access; and relies on intelligence, advanced detection, and real-time response to threats.

What do you accomplish when you adopt a Zero Trust approach?

  • Support secure remote and hybrid work
  • Identify and protect sensitive business data and identities
  • Proactively meet regulatory requirements
  • Prevent or reduce financial and reputational damage from a breach
  • Build confidence in your security posture and programs across your leadership team, employees, partners, stakeholders, vendors, and customers

What are the actionable best practices of a Zero Trust journey?

What does this mean?

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” said Benjamin Franklin. We want to assist you with the knowledge it takes to plan your next steps. This isn’t paint by numbers, this is a prescriptive plan that we put together for you providing valuable insight into your current environment and where our technology experts identify key risks. This all comes together in an easy to understand report detailing prioritized risks and recommendations, a roadmap, and an understanding of what your particular organization needs to achieve to get to the next level.

One often overlooked area is cloud-to-cloud backup for Software as a Service offerings like Microsoft 365. Without an M365 backup solution, you run the risk of losing data from accidental or malicious events across email, calendar events, OneDrive and SharePoint files, Teams messages, and more. We advocate for and believe in leading with first-party Microsoft technologies and when there is a requirement outside of their offerings, we partner with best-in-class vendors, like Datto and their SaaS Protection offering to get the job done.

Think you don’t need this?

We’ve worked across all industries. Is your business manufacturing? Distribution? Life sciences? Retail? Construction? Entertainment? Finance? If your business plans to exist in any industry, it better plan to assess Zero Trust.

What are we offering to you?

A tailored assessment to show you the way. We have price points that can work with your budget, regardless of how many Benjamins you have budgeted for this critical task.

Why are we doing this?

We truly believe in the principles of Zero Trust and have seen businesses prosper when taking advantage of the assessments we offer. FMT* is a shepherd of Microsoft products, and as a top shepherd in the US, we don’t want any of the flock left behind.

How do I get more information?

See the Let’s Talk link at the top right corner of this webpage? Click it and submit, so our team can reach out and provide next steps – whether it’s further engagement with one of our experts, a sample assessment to review, an infographic on Zero Trust, or even just a quick chat to verify an existing strategy.

Don’t be one of the few not knowing where their business lies. A key principle of Zero Trust is “Verify Explicitly” and an FMT* managed assessment is just that, verifying what you need to know. You have enough on your plate and can’t do this alone. As the late, great Harry Belafonte once sung, “Come, mister tally man, tally me banana”. FMT* can tally your Microsoft bananas, because you need to take Zero trust seriously. Daylight come and you might want to go home but you need to go bananas for cybersecurity with Microsoft!

* FMT is the brand name under which Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC provides technology consulting services to clients. Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC is not a licensed CPA firm and does not provide audit and attest services.

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