Integrating Wayfair and NetSuite with Celigo: A Conveniently Efficient Solution

In today's fast-paced business environment, data integration has become crucial for companies to efficiently manage their operations. Wayfair, the e-commerce giant, and NetSuite, the cloud-based ERP solution, are two popular platforms that many businesses rely on for their daily operations. However, with data residing in different systems, it can become a tedious and time-consuming task to ensure that both systems are up-to-date and in sync. To address this challenge, businesses can leverage iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solutions like Celigo, which provide a seamless integration between different systems. In this blog, we will explore how Celigo has been used by our FMT team to build a data integration between Wayfair and NetSuite, and the benefits it provides to businesses.

If you aren’t familiar with Celigo, it is a powerful iPaaS solution that allows for rapid development of integrations through its published Integration Apps and templates available on the Integration Marketplace. They also provide an avenue for custom integration flow development, enabling licensure for connection to over 100,000 applications across the globe. The intuitive user interface and structured design provide all the tools necessary for any integration need.

The Full Scope

This Integration utilizes the NetSuite, GraphQL, and HTTP connectors available from the Celigo Marketplace. These three connections enable the integration flow processes to perform Get, Post, and Patch operations to NetSuite and Wayfair, and obtain and transfer PDF data blobs from Wayfair to a NetSuite file cabinet. The solution is composed of three integration flow groups: Dropship Orders, CastleGate Orders, and Inventory Management. Wayfair CastleGate orders are those that are placed in Wayfair and will pack and fulfill the order on behalf of the supplier, whereas Dropship orders are placed on Wayfair, but ultimately packaged and fulfilled by the supplier.

Wayfair Dropship Order Integration

Figure 1. Wayfair to NetSuite Dropship Integration Flow Chart

The Dropship Order Integration, as represented in Figure 1, serves as the process master for Wayfair Purchase Order lifecycle as a NetSuite sales order. Within Celigo, this integration process is decomposed into four integration flows.

  1. Import Dropship Purchase Orders from Wayfair to NetSuite
  2. Export Order Acknowledgments from NetSuite to Wayfair
  3. Wayfair Shipping Document Request and Retrieval
  4. Export Shipment Notice from NetSuite to Wayfair

Within each integration flow, the Celigo operations export, lookup, transform, and import all data required to successfully push each Wayfair purchase order into NetSuite and communicate back to Wayfair as needed. Integration flows 1-3 are completed in near real-time, which allows the Supplier to print Packing Slips, Bills of Lading, or Shipping Labels directly from the Sales Order during review and fulfillment. Once the Sales Order has been fulfilled, the generated Item Fulfillment record is used in flow 4 to post all required fulfillment information to Wayfair.

In addition to standard and customized field mapping, error message capture and response is routed through each integration flow populating a custom NetSuite field with any failure and error details. The addition of this error handling allows for NetSuite users to identify issues more rapidly and respond in minutes, rather than hours.

Wayfair CastleGate Order Integration

Figure 2. Wayfair to NetSuite CastleGate Sales Order Flow Chart

The CastleGate Order integration consists of one extended custom flow. Within a 45 second process execution time, one CastleGate Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) is exported from Wayfair. Then, Wayfair and NetSuite queries obtain the remaining order information, such as NetSuite Item and Customer Internal ID’s. Finally, the Sales Order is imported into NetSuite and an Acknowledgement is posted to Wayfair. Once the flow process completes, NetSuite end users can generate Invoices and account for the revenue sent from Wayfair for these Sales Orders.

Inventory Management Integration

Figure 3. Wayfair to NetSuite Inventory Integration Flow Chart

The Inventory integration is comprised of Two integration flows, with the True-Up feed type being set to execute every 15 minutes, and the Full Feed type set to execute once daily. The base requirement for these processes is that NetSuite serves as the Inventory Master for your business. If that is the case, this convenient integration will keep Wayfair product availability in Sync with your NetSuite inventory on-hand.


Wayfair does support both Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interface (API) based integration solutions. EDI is well documented, follows a set standard, in the case of Wayfair the ANSI X12 standard. So why use an API based integration? Wayfair has built their API using GraphQL, an versatile API query language that allows for granular specificity and control over what data is being queried from Wayfair and what data is being posted in return. The GraphQL based API provides the structure and support needed to successfully build and test an API based integration, the details of which can be found in the Wayfair API documentation. Aside from granular control over integration scheduling, volume, and customization; Additional benefits of an API based integration are reduced processing time, higher inventory accuracy meaning less backorder, and increased monitoring capabilities.

Speaking of Benefits…

If you are a Product Manufacturer, Sales Manager, or NetSuite Administrator and utilize Wayfair as an eCommerce platform, the benefits of adopting a Wayfair to NetSuite integration are vast.

On the Dropship order side, you can experience relatively immediate importing of Purchase Orders to NetSuite, the ability to automatically acknowledge Purchase Orders in Wayfair, the automatic download and grouping of all Wayfair generated shipping documentation conveniently linked on the NetSuite Sales Order Record, and seamless notification of Order Shipment from NetSuite to Wayfair. The efficient CastleGate Order integration streamlines the order creation process and enables more accurate Inventory allocation and link ability between Wayfair CastleGate revenue for internal accounting departments. With respect to Inventory, the constant inventory updates running from NetSuite to Wayfair, will drastically reduce any possibility of an out-of-stock item being sold, and allow for those Items re-stocked in NetSuite to be made available to the Wayfair Shopper within minutes.

“Time is Money”

Table 1. Average Integration Execution Time per Record

The greatest metric that we utilize to quantify efficiency is time. Looking at the table above, you can compare these average execution times against how long it takes for you to manually complete one of these processes. Then multiply that by your average daily transaction count. It doesn’t take long to realize that minute over minute, this integration saves valuable time; Time that has historically been spent by a Sales Manager, Accountant, or Administrator that could better be better allocated to foster growth for your business. At the end of the day, efficiency leads to expansion and the more time this integration saves your business, the more opportunity and capital you’ll have to drive that expansion.

If you’re ready to get started on an integration with Wayfair and NetSuite, follow this link to our Integrations landing page and click the “Get Integrated” button to meet with FMT today.


Q: Is this customizable for our business? E.g., we have multiple subsidiaries in NetSuite and would need to separate orders accordingly.

Absolutely – we built this integration to meet the needs of one client but have adapted it to serve as a template for your business needs. We can modify any integration component to meet your business needs.

Q: How quickly could this tool be implemented?

All implementation project timelines are dependent upon the scope of your business, to determine the scope of your needs, please contact FMT Sales at (844) 369-4594.

Q: We don’t use NetSuite but do use Wayfair. Could we use parts of this integration?

Unfortunately not, however, if you have any interest in implementing NetSuite with your company, click this link to check out our NetSuite implementation team.

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