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As ever-evolving organizations, life sciences companies need to control expenses while meeting regulatory compliance, as well as preparing for rapid growth. Teaming up with the right service provider can mean the difference between success and expensive missteps.

FMT works with many life sciences organizations in all stages—from initial start-up through drug certification and FDA validation—and also many organizations that provide products and services to end customers. We understand the regulatory and compliance issues, and we ensure systems are in a validated state.

FMT’s life sciences solutions not only enable business processes, but also allow users organization-wide to share information internally and externally in a secure, efficient, and auditable way.

We understand regulatory and compliance issues:

cGMP, 21 CFR 11 & SOX 404 compliance

Sunshine Act reporting

Ensuring systems are in a validated state


How We Help Life Sciences Companies

  • Compliance

    • Achieve compliance for cGMP, 21 CFR 11, Sunshine Act, and SOX 404, plus meet other industry requirements.
    • Adhere to the standards and specifications for backing up and safekeeping electronic data.
    • Provide reporting to compliance agencies.


    Financial Management

    • Establish and maintain strong financial controls, such as audit trails.
    • Customize reports that answer questions about your business quickly and easily.

    Utilize advanced budgeting and forecasting tools to shorten your budget cycle and generate more accurate financial forecasts.

  • Manufacturing

    • Enable cGMP processes that ensure full tracking and traceability of raw materials consumed during the manufacturing process.
    • Leverage both inline and receiving inspection processes to ensure raw materials meet documented quality standards.


    Supply Chain Management

    • Maintain the batch/lot identification—and attributes of cGMP product—precisely.
    • Set the disposition, expiration, and retest requirements of cGMP product stored in inventory.
    • Ensure that all required supplies are available at the right time, in the right quantities.

    Gain complete visibility of item historical usage for all transaction types and inventory movements.

  • Salesforce

    • Empower your sales team to work remotely, on any device, while connecting to your product information and inventory.
    • Manage sales orders through the fulfillment process seamlessly.
    • Provide the visibility that your sales team needs. They can view key accounting information, like credit status and open receivables.


    Internal & External Collaboration

    • Manage all your documentation in one place, and share across your organization easily.
    • Track changes to documentation, and use workflows for approvals.

    Share key documents with customers on portals, or publish directly to your website.

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We work with life science companies, including:

A rapidly growing immune therapies organization: The organization had implemented Dynamics GP for accounts payable, general ledger, and financial reporting. After their Big Four accounting audit partner thoroughly evaluated their options, FMT was engaged to implement supply chain management, manufacturing, advanced reporting, and perform compliance on cGMP, 21 CFR 11, SOX 404, and FDA validation. FMT then implemented the process to support commercial drug manufacturing.

A leading drug discovery & development organization: Initially FMT implemented accounts payable, financial reporting, procurement, and cash management. As the organization grew, FMT partnered with them to roll out inventory management and manufacturing, advanced financial reporting, and automating system integrations in a fully validated state. To ensure the software is current and supported, FMT has worked with them on several upgrades.

A leading plant & microbial gene developer: FMT implemented financial accounting, requisitioning, supply chain management, and manufacturing in compliance with cGMP standards—and provides ongoing support to their environment.

A national public diagnostic testing organization: Partnering with this organization to migrate their email platform to the cloud, FMT helped them switch to Microsoft Office 365. Additionally, the FMT team has also worked with them to develop proprietary applications in Azure. With greater team member efficiency as the goal, the organization is teaming up with FMT to create document management and collaboration solutions.

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