Additional Standard Cost Permissions in Dynamics GP

Have your users ever attempted to revalue inventory in GP and found they do not have permission?  In this article, we will review the user process and how to ensure that all the permissions are set up; identifying the “gotcha’s”.

What do the users experience?

They are attempting to revalue an item under Manufacturing >> Cards >> Inventory >> Standard Cost Changes.

When they hit the button to revalue the item, they receive the error below.

What permissions should be set?

The set-up for permissions can be a little tricky, so let’s walk through the steps for validating all the permissions are set.

The first place you would typically go to verify that the users have access is under Administration >> Setup >> System >> User Security, right?  In this case, you can see the user below has the MFG ADMIN* security role assigned to them.  Double click on the MFG ADMIN* security role to open the Security Role Setup window to view the security tasks assigned to it.

Now double click on CARD_MFG_IV* to open the Security Task Setup window so you can verify the checkbox is marked next to Standard Cost Changes.   Npw

So why are the users not able to revalue items on the Standard Cost Changes window if they have proper access?

If you’re using the Manufacturing module, there’s an additional setup window for costing under Manufacturing >> Setup >> System Defaults >> Costing.

In the case with our security issue, we need to look at the Revaluation Security Set. Click on the hyperlink to open the Process Security Setup window.

Click on the lookup to select an existing security set.  Depending on your settings, the security could be based on a Password or a User ID.  In this case, it’s set to User ID.  You will need to add the individual users on this window in order for them to have the access they need to properly revalue items on the Standard Cost Changes window in the Manufacturing module.

Now that you have the set-up validated, you can have the user test.

This is just one tip for managing permissions within Dynamics GP.  It can be complicated, and you may have targeted questions about how to best set-up permissions for your company.  Citrin Cooperman has a team with vast knowledge about GP Permissions and we would be happy to help you and your company with any inquires. Please reach out to us at or give us a call for more information we look forward to hearing from you.

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