Give Your Legacy Apps New Life with Azure App Service 

Legacy applications – those business-critical apps that keep IT people up at night fighting fires – leave employees frustrated with their lack of dependability and, worse, provide poor customer experiences all around. Essential to any business, they may have been developed years ago, and when they work, ‘they just work.’ But because all of your processes and procedures were created around the app, you don’t want to invest in a whole new platform. 

Sound familiar? Does that mean you have to live with the app’s shortcomings or keep buying new server hardware to ensure long-term, stable usageThanks to Microsoft, the answer may be a surprising ‘NO!’ 


Modernize existing .NET web apps using Azure App Service.

What is Azure App Service? 

Azure App Service is a fully managed Microsoft cloud-based platform for building, deploying, and scaling your web apps. The Microsoft platform has the following key features:

  • Fully managed platform
    • Utilize bult-in infrastructure maintenance, security patching, and scaling.
  • Built-in CI/CD integration
    • CI/CD integration provides zero-downtime deployments.
  • Virtual network integration
    • Run in an isolated and dedicated App Service environment.
  • Rigorous security and compliance
    • Deployment is seamless across public cloud, Azure Government, and on-premises environments. 

Migrate web apps 

There are three simple ways to migrate your web applications to Azure App Service:

  • Bring your code
    • Redeploy code using your existing CI/CD pipeline.
  • Bring your container
    • Containerize your application and deploy using a docker image.
  • Use the Migration Assistant tool
    • Automate the migration of .NET applications with App Service Migration Assistant.

Azure App Service

What does this mean for you? 

Your business-critical application carries on in the cloud where you no longer have to worry about stability/performance issues! Instead, benefit from Microsoft handling all the underlying supporting infrastructure. 

  • You won’t have to run or maintain server infrastructure.
  • Uptime increases as you won’t have to rely on your own servers or data center network connections.
  • Your customers’ experiences will improve through an already familiar platform.

Next steps 

If you’re currently managing web applications, consider application modernization by shifting your current investments to the cloud. FMT and Azure App Service allow you to continue to utilize legacy apps while also scaling them, securing them, and simplifying your day-to-day responsibilities.

Read more about Azure App Service Migration Assistant and Environments, or contact us at FMT Consultants to speak with someone from our Microsoft 365 and Azure practice.

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