Gain Extra Hours in Your Day with SharePoint Online Productivity

SharePoint Online is the next generation of software as a service collaboration tools aimed squarely at increasing your productivity. SharePoint’s primary goals are – getting your enterprise, organization, company, enterprise or team on the same page and working together.

As a collaboration platform, SharePoint has grown leaps and bounds and shown its worth. Yet, as we never sit still, and there seems to be more work than time, does this incredible collaboration tool actually help boost productivity?


Below, we have listed some of the important features that support SharePoint’s incredible status as a collaboration platform that will make a fantastic productivity tool for your team.

Here are some of the cool new tools and solutions that make SharePoint so powerful:

  • Delve
    An incredible, personalized search and discovery tool. Backed by an intelligent system that finds out what information is relevant to you! Let the data find you, instead of you looking for data.
  • Sway
    Step out of your PowerPoint routine and bring together existing reports, documents and other information from within your collaboration environment to create amazing, flowing, and informational presentations.
  • Mobility
    A complete and utter no-brainer in today’s age of large screened smartphones and an “always connected” generation! We are mobile, our lives are mobile – why not our office?
  • SharePoint and Nintex Workflows
    Why trudge through processes when you can automate? This is a true ROI generator in so many organizations. SharePoint Workflows and Nintex Workflows are two excellent options for process automation.

These supporting solutions can help boost productivity and transform the way you work. While they may not get the same attention that the main products do, these solutions make SharePoint Online and O365 stand out among collaboration solutions.

Experience SharePoint Online at nVerge!

During our nVerge session “Gain Extra Hours in Your Day with SharePoint Online Productivity”  we will take a deep dive into the solutions listed above. We'll show you how they can save you and your team valuable time and energy by simplifying your day to day tasks and automating your processes. Don't miss out watch the session here!

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FMT gets you moving!

As a Gold Certified Partner with 20+ years of industry experience, FMT Consultants is well experienced to help you become more productive and capture fantastic ROI on your SharePoint Online/O365 investment. We work with you to pinpoint your greatest needs, create solutions, and empower your people and teams to do more.

If you have questions about nVerge, SharePoint, or any of our other nVerge sessions, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us using the form below.

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