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Not Using Microsoft Teams? You’re Missing Out.
Chances are you already have access to Microsoft Teams, you just don’t know it yet. If your organization is currently running Microsoft Office 365, then Teams is already available to you. Since the launch of Microsoft Teams preview in November, more than 85 million Office 365 users have taken advantage of this new collaboration tool. So what is so great about Microsoft Teams? Teams introduces a new way to communicate and collaborate internally with a simple and straightforward user interface. This new tool allows for organized conversations, integrated solutions, dependable artificial intelligence, and personalization.   Organized Conversations Do you constantly have multiple on-going projects? If so, you know that keeping everyone in the loop on each individual project can be very difficult and time-consuming. With Teams, you can create unique conversation boards for each project, and allow access to specific team members on a board-by-board basis. You will also have […]
Tracking and Reporting Projects using Office 365 and Project Online
Project and portfolio managers continually reach for the proverbial brass ring of managing their plans and portfolios towards an “on time” and “on budget” delivery.  These project management professionals usually contribute to a Project Management Office (PMO) responsible for a comprehensive portfolio of programs or projects owned by the complete project management staff. The PMO traditionally produces high-level reports tracking project health, costs, issues, risks, and/or milestones to share project progress and health with stakeholders. Without using the proper tools, aggregating the above data from multiple project information sources can be challenging and is usually a manual process undertaken by smart people who fully understand the process. Once the data is successfully collected and scrubbed, creating a multi-level project portfolio report in an easy to understand, “pretty” format becomes the next challenge. Using Office 365, specifically SharePoint Online and Project Online components, the manual aggregation of project data is minimized […]
Noteworthy Highlights of SuiteWorld17
SuiteWorld hosted its annual cloud ERP conference this year from April 24-27 in beautiful Las Vegas at the Sands Expo & Convention Center.  The conference, SuiteWorld17, brought together keynote speakers, global companies, partners, and developers in the largest gathering of NetSuite users to date. When we look back at SuiteWorld17, there were 5 key noteworthy highlights that Oracle + NetSuite announced regarding their evolution as a company, as well as how their solutions are expanding to address the needs of SMB and Enterprise companies. This blog will recap the key announcements from SuiteWorld17—and what to expect from Oracle + NetSuite in the near future. Oracle + NetSuite Acquisition Plenty of reasons to cheer for this acquisition! The message was clear that Oracle is 100% behind their newly acquired global business unit. The NetSuite team will call their shots and do what they need to stay on the path of success […]
Task Automation – Microsoft Flow and Smartsheet
Task Automation is today’s need, to save an Organization’s precious time and resources. Task Automation allows the use of various systems and technologies to reduce the amount of human intervention to complete a task or a process. Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based tool that allows users to create and automate tasks and workflows across applications and services. Automation happens behind the scenes and thus requires minimum or none interaction from users. These automated tasks and workflows are called “Flows”. Microsoft Flow, like other Automation Services, do one most of the simplest thing: they create cause and effect links between various services and applications we use. IFTTT (If This Then That) is one example of such Task Automation service available today. Flow’s strength is its integration capabilities with Microsoft Apps and Services, like Office 365, SharePoint Server and Dynamics 365. Currently, Microsoft Flow offers 131 Services and Apps, which we can […]
SuiteWorld 2017: What's Suite in Vegas?
SuiteWorld 2017 experience as told by our very own NetSuite consultant, Ilija Budimir. Wow, this year SuiteWorld (SW) was amazing! Not so much because it was packed with new faces and not because Oracle’s CEO was announcing big, bold plans, but because it took place in Sin City! SW felt bigger and more glamorous than usual.   Although I only spent two days at the conference, I have many takeaways and thoughts I would love to share with you, customers, NetSuite enthusiasts, and colleagues.   I will not speak about the new announcements and modules that are being rolled out as you can read up on these here: SuitePeople Global Expansion Initiatives NetSuite 2017.1 Release Sneak Peek Instead, I will give you some of my impressions of SuiteWorld 2017. Hopefully, this will motivate you to attend next year’s edition of NetSuite’s largest conference.   I arrived in Las Vegas on […]
Dynamics GP Deployment in Multinational Environment
Company A is becoming a multinational corporation and has made acquisitions to expand operations at various locations across the world. Can a Dynamics GP solution be deployed so the environment only has a single set of databases? Yes, indeed. Multiple Dynamics GP clients of different languages can be installed and connected to the same database backend in a single environment. Should a company be operating in multiple areas in the world, localization is available for the Dynamics GP client. Some localizations may have additional features and functionality available that are geared towards its specific area. For a list of available modules and countries, click here. In general, a deployment of multiple Dynamics GP client localizations requires install and configuration of the primary location first, and then the secondary. Summarized steps are as follows: Install Primary localization of Dynamics GP Client. Run GP Utilities. Launch GP and log in SA for […]
Dynamics GP License Types That You Probably Didn’t Know About
When purchasing Dynamics GP, many companies are not aware that there are actually three different types of Dynamics GP licenses at three different price points. Full User License The first license I would like to discuss is the Full User license. This license provides you with the most functionality within Dynamics GP. With a Full User license, you will have unrestricted access to Dynamics GP with full read and write capabilities across your system. This is the most common type of license within a company, as well as, the most expensive at $3000 per user. Limited User License The second license is the Limited User license. Like the name states, the user will have limited access to the functionality within GP. This license is usually reserved for users who have to perform certain tasks within GP, such as sales, purchasing, or payroll tasks, but do not need the full functionality. […]
SharePoint Framework SPFX with Angular2
SharePoint framework is the new client site development model. With the new Office 365 User Interface, the Page framework model has been changed altogether. Microsoft built a new framework to deliver customized User Interfaces in the form of Client Side web parts. The advantages of using the new SharePoint Framework (SPFX) can be listed as follows: Replacement for Script Editor or Content Editor Web Parts. No need to store custom settings for our web part in the form of SharePoint Lists.  Use of popular Client side frameworks link Angular, Angular2, Knockout, React etc. The blog will be based on the following sections. Each section has its own significance and can be skipped if you are already aware regarding particular section. Setting up Office 365 tenant Setting up your development environment Building your first Client web part using Angular2 1. Setting up Office 365 tenant Sign up for an Office 365 […]
[Video] BI360: Streamlining Budgeting and Forecasting
Does your current budgeting cycle consist of back-and-forth email threads with too many spreadsheets and broken links? Or is your time consumed by manually entering budgeting information into each account in your ERP solution? Once you have the numbers, is it challenging to make sense of all of it? If so, it’s time to graduate to consolidated budgeting and forecasting with BI360. BI360 Budgeting & Forecasting is an Excel add-in with powerful workflow, collaboration and security controls that is easy to use and provides a full look into your organization so you can be confident in the decisions you make.  
Management Reporter Replacement: Moving to Next-Gen Reporting
Microsoft recently announced the end of future development for the Management Reporter tool in Dynamics GP. While you’ll still be able to use MR and receive basic support—it’s not recommended to stay with a solution that is no longer going to be updated or enhanced. The good news is that you can switch to a next-gen solution like Solver BI360, and actually gain enhanced capabilities and intelligence beyond MR’s financial reporting. Watch this video to get a better look at BI360’s powerful reporting module and how it’s the perfect replacement to Management Reporter.  
[Video] What exactly is BI and Enterprise Reporting Budgeting?
There has been a lot of noise around BI. The advent of PowerBI and Azure Machine Learning coupled with the latest news around Management Reporter and Forecaster have added complexity to the ecosystem. A complexity that stands in the way of you and the tools you need to grow your business.    The first half of this video will focus on clarifying the categories and identifying the latest business intelligence trends for Dynamics customers. The second half will introduce a product, Solver BI360, that addresses the data integration, reporting, budgeting and dashboarding component of BI.    
New SuiteBuilder Features in NetSuite 2017.1 Release
With the release of 2017.1, we can look forward to a host of new features to add to the existing NetSuite system we all know and love. While NetSuite will be buffing up across the board, this blog will focus on updates to SuiteBuilder, NetSuite’s built-in collection of tools allowing “point and click” customization of the user interface without the use of sophisticated technical skills. 1.Printing Saved Search Results in Advanced PDF Templates Advanced PDF templates can now be linked to Saved Searches. There will be a “New Template” button located under Customization->Forms->Advanced PDF templates that will allow you to choose from a list an of available Saved Searches to link to. Additionally, when creating a saved search, you will see the option to create a new linked template when viewing the search in ‘Edit’ mode, as shown in the third screenshot below. Once you have linked a template to […]
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