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What can I do about smishing?
AZAAM’s (Ask Zach Anything About Microsoft) latest question answered! A client recently asked us: Employees are receiving text messages that claim to be from our CEO and other company executives. What can we do about it? Background on smishing – Smishing is a form of phishing that uses text messages or SMS to trick users into clicking on malicious links, downloading malware, or revealing sensitive information. Smishing attacks are on the rise, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as cybercriminals exploited people's fears and anxieties. According to FTC data, text message scams accounted for $330 million in losses for 2022! Smishing can have serious consequences for corporations, as it can compromise their data security, reputation, and customer trust. Smishing can also lead to financial losses, regulatory fines, and legal liabilities. Therefore, it is essential for corporations to protect themselves and their employees from smishing threats. AZAAM’s response - Microsoft offers a […]
Not another blog about Microsoft ChatGPT
How comedian Nate Bargatze and Microsoft’s latest tools relate Microsoft Inspire is an annual event held by Microsoft for its partners to connect, learn and celebrate as one community. As one of Microsoft’s leading partners, FMT, a division of Citrin Cooperman, attends so that we can stay on top of all that Microsoft has to offer its customers. This year, AI was 100% front and center with most announcements focused on next steps Microsoft has for its sizeable ($10 Billion) investment into OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT. Here is a quick glimpse of the latest: Introduction of Bing Chat Enterprise Announcement of Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing Empowering sellers and customer service agents with AI Process Mining in Power Automate Azure OpenAI expanded availability New Azure capabilities and investments Meta and Microsoft Partnership Expanded strategic collaboration with Epic If you want to read more about these announcements, feel free to check […]
Vegas World Market 2023
Free Consulting Were you one of the manufacturers, distributors, and brokers that attended the Las Vegas Market Summer Session from July 30th thru August 3, 2023? FMT Consultants, a division of Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC, partnered with Wayfair to offer free consulting from experts in technology, eCommerce, warehousing, and making it all work together. We set up assessment pods on the ground floor of building C right by the escalators. The soundproofing created a space for extremely valuable conversations focused on making it easier and more efficient to do business with Wayfair and other channels. Conversations ranged from general business to in-depth conversations about current projects all for free. FMT's holistic approach requires examining the business beyond the accounting system. The FMT Wayfair Offers incorporate solutions that optimize your entire organization. The accounting system, commonly called the ERP, sets the table for any business. Once the playing table is established, […]
Navigating the End of Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains: Embracing the Cloud for a Bright Future
Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains was born in 1981 (1). That is the same year that Sony introduced the first 3-1/2" floppy disk (2). Granted GP has changed quite a bit since 1981, but it has reached the end of its development. Earlier this year Microsoft stopped mainstream support which creates real security risks. This doesn't leave many options for users. In fact it is quite simple: move to another platform, usually cloud based; upgrade to the latest version of GP, essentially delay the move; and do nothing. The easiest, and roughest road is to do nothing. One might assume that this is the cheapest route too. On-premise versions are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Yes, the server in the back closet is not safe. There are security options available to reduce risk and this will require consistent effort and investment. This means doing nothing still carries costs. Criminals don't only target large […]
Additional Standard Cost Permissions in Dynamics GP
Have your users ever attempted to revalue inventory in GP and found they do not have permission?  In this article, we will review the user process and how to ensure that all the permissions are set up; identifying the “gotcha’s”. What do the users experience? They are attempting to revalue an item under Manufacturing >> Cards >> Inventory >> Standard Cost Changes. When they hit the button to revalue the item, they receive the error below. What permissions should be set? The set-up for permissions can be a little tricky, so let’s walk through the steps for validating all the permissions are set. The first place you would typically go to verify that the users have access is under Administration >> Setup >> System >> User Security, right?  In this case, you can see the user below has the MFG ADMIN* security role assigned to them.  Double click on the […]
Triple Peak Day?
Save your sanity using Microsoft! A triple peak day is a concept developed by Microsoft WorkLab, a digital publication that explores the future of work. It is based on research which suggests the typical 9-5 two-peak workday is fading in favor of a new three-peak to accommodate work/life schedules. Is that you? How can you optimize productivity and well-being by aligning your newfound work patterns with natural energy cycles? In this blog post, we will explore how to stay sane and have a triple peak day using some of the tools that Microsoft offers to help you work smarter and happier. It is possible! A triple peak day can consist of three phases: a focus peak, a collaboration peak, and a recovery peak. These phases are shown in the following graph, which outlines research participants work patterns: Focus Peak The focus peak is the first phase of the day, when […]
How do we create and update Standard Costs in NetSuite?
Before we begin creating and updating Standard Costs, first let’s review what it is.  Primarily Standard costing is used in manufacturing and procurement, to identify and substitute the expected standard cost for an actual cost that can fluctuate over time.  This mitigates the need for capturing extensive amounts of historical cost data. It is important to ensure you have a plan for how you will update costs on a regular basis.  Most companies update it annually, but if your actual cost fluctuates significantly throughout the year, you may want to update them on a more frequent cadence. Now that we understand Standard Costs a little better, let’s walk through the steps for setting it up. To use standard costing with inventory and assembly items, enable the Standard Costing feature. To enable Standard Costing: Go to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features. Click the Items & Inventory subtab. […]
Salesforce Connections: An Approach to Getting the Most from a (Very Good) Event
Are you planning to attend Salesforce Connections, a premier event for Salesforce enthusiasts? If so, you're in for an incredible experience! Salesforce Connections offers a unique opportunity to learn more about Salesforce, network with industry professionals, and gain valuable insights. As a first-time attendee, it's important to make the most of this event. In this article, we'll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to maximize your experience at Salesforce Connections. Table of Contents Plan your schedule Network with fellow attendees Visit the campground Attend keynotes and sessions Participate in hands-on workshops Ask questions Engage on social media Take breaks and recharge Follow up after the event Enjoy yourself 1. Plan your schedule Before attending Salesforce Connections, take the time to review the event's agenda. Identify the sessions, workshops, and keynotes that align with your interests and goals. Creating a personalized schedule will help you make the most of […]
Microsoft 365 Zero Trust Cloud Security Assessments
We’ve helped many organizations - are you one of the last few holdouts? Businesses across the globe are facing the seemingly insurmountable task of defending themselves against cyber-attacks while increasing flexibility around when, where and how employees work in increasingly hybrid and remote environments. What are you supposed to do? Smart businesses realize they don’t know what they don’t know so they come to FMT, a division of Citrin Cooperman LLC, to get tested! Each year, dozens of clients ask us to help them understand the current state of their digital estate—including their technology stack and business applications—through paid assessments. Don’t be one of the last few holdouts, because when security assessments and Zero Trust principles align, improving your security posture with value-driven business outcomes is no longer an insurmountable task. What is Zero Trust? A Zero Trust model is a proactive, integrated approach to security across all layers of […]
Change my password, again?
The percentage of time that helpdesk spends resetting passwords can vary depending on the size of the organization, the number of users, and the level of password security implemented. However, password reset requests are one of the most common types of help desk requests, and they can consume a significant amount of help desk resources. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, password-related issues can account for upwards of 20% of all help desk requests. This includes password resets, forgotten passwords, account lockouts, and other password-related issues. Another study by Gartner estimated that password resets account for 30-50% of help desk calls. In addition to the time spent by help desk staff resetting passwords, password-related issues can also impact your user's productivity and increase the risk of security incidents. Users who are unable to access their accounts due to password issues may be unable to complete their work, leading […]
Salesforce Summer 23’ Release Blog
Packed with innovative features and enhancements, the Salesforce Summer 23 release aims to empower businesses with advanced tools to drive customer success and maximize productivity. From increased functionality to the latest Flow features, the Salesforce Summer '23 release is set to revolutionize how organizations engage with their customers and deliver exceptional experience. Here are a few of the updates from the Salesforce Summer 23’ release: The popular dynamic forms feature, which allows admins to control page layout based on criteria, is now available for mobile. Users will enjoy a more streamlined mobile experience that only shows the components and fields that they need to see at the right time. Admins can now add images, rich text and widgets to dashboards for Salesforce orgs with Lightning Experience/Unlimited Edition. For instance, company branding, animated GIFs, and flow diagrams can now be added to dashboards. This feature improves the user experience by using […]
Unlocking the Power of Salesforce: Insights from a Seasoned Consultant
Rafael Nunes, an MBA alumnus of the University of Missouri, has maintained strong relationships with his faculty since embarking on his career as a Salesforce consultant. As an experienced Salesforce Consultant, Rafael was invited by his former Professor, Dr. Srinath Gopalakrishna, who is the chair of the Marketing department and director of the Sales Certificate Program at the University of Missouri, to provide insights into the platform. This opportunity arose during Dr. Mohammad Saljoughian's Advanced Professional Sales class. The lecture was divided into two parts and received an overwhelming response from students, with over 80 attendees. Rafael shared practical examples of lead lifecycle, sales process, marketing and sales funnel activities, reports/dashboard, and B2B sales process, demonstrating the power of Salesforce. He also emphasized how students could enhance their skills through Trailhead, a learning platform provided by Salesforce. Rafael further highlighted real-world examples of a Salesforce consultant's day-to-day life, emphasizing how […]
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