ERP Live Web Budgeting by BI360 – Expanding Your Budgeting Options

Live ERP budgeting affords your company the opportunity to acquire an automated budgeting and forecasting solution that is both simple and affordable. With the straightforward functionality of BI360’s modules found within their suite of products, combined with their web portal, Solver’s ERP Live Web Budgeting solution can offer your company an efficient alternative to other budgeting tools.




The BI360 Suite

If you’re not already familiar, here’s a refresher on Solver’s full BI360 suite as it relates to budgeting:




  • Reporting
    • The report writer can be utilized to design financial reports as well as budgeting and forecasting input forms.
  • Planning
    • Where actual data entry and spreading of data takes place, tied directly to the web portal.
  • Data Warehouse
    • BI360’s full blown database designed first and foremost for budgeting as it pulls and pushes data directly to and from your ERP solution.
  • Dashboards
    • Solver’s visualization option for budgets and data that is being entered into the data warehouse.




Live ERP Budgeting

Unlike other budgeting options, live ERP budgeting does not require its own database, but instead budgets, reads, and writes data directly to your ERP’s General Ledger budgeting table.




By being made available through BI360’s web portal, live web budgeting incorporates a number of aspects from the BI360 suite into one simplified solution that removes a large portion of the manual budget entry process. Eventual end users will be able to manage workflows and enter line item detail just as they would with BI360’s data warehouse budgeting solution through a modern web-based user input interface.





The implementation and integration of BI360’s live web budgeting software is a straightforward, out-of-the-box process compared to other ERP budgeting options that may require a lengthier amount of time.


BI360’s live ERP budgeting solution currently has four ERP options available: Dynamics GP, NAV, SL, and SAP and will continue to expand its availability to other ERPs.

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