The End of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing – Make Way for Dynamics 365

As of November 1, Microsoft has discontinued the sale of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing to new customers. This change paves the way for the adoption of Microsoft’s new product, Dynamics 365.

Microsoft will be supporting their Marketing customers through the new Dynamics 365 for Marketing application. Built specifically for Dynamics 365, this new app is expected to be released Spring 2017. The app will be part of the Dynamics 365 Business Edition, and according to Microsoft, will leverage “years’ worth of customer feedback, internal experience, and industry refinements in the marketing space to bring forth the next generation of marketing.”

What’s Included?

Dynamics 365 for Marketing will include support for email marketing, event management, and landing pages. Additionally, the application will have deep integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Users of both Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing will be able to manage their prospects from lead to customer. This is made possible by the shared platform, lead management, and customer journey modeling that will be included with the applications.

What the Future Holds for Existing Dynamics Marketing Customers

Microsoft is committed to honoring all Dynamics Marketing renewal requests for Enterprise Agreements or licenses purchased directly through MOSP until October 31, 2017. They have also stated that they will be providing full support for the Dynamics Marketing application until October 31, 2020, in order to honor any renewed agreements made before this cutoff date.

Unfortunately, auto-renewal for the Dynamics Marketing service will only be supported until January 31, 2017. If you have enabled this service for your company’s Dynamics Marketing Enterprise, and are scheduled to be renewed after January 31, you will need to contact Microsoft’s Billing & Subscription support before October 31 in order to renew.

Similarly, CRM Online Enterprise licenses will be automatically renewed until January 31, 2017. After this date, however, these licenses will need to be transitioned to a Dynamics 365 licensing plan. Unfortunately, these new plans will not include Dynamics Marketing. The Marketing service will need to be renewed separately by contacting Microsoft Billing and Support before the October 31 deadline.

This discontinuation, however, doesn’t mean you need to be afraid to grow. All customers with active agreements will be able to add additional seats and capabilities until their agreement runs out.

FMT Can Help You Guide Your Transition to Dynamics 365

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