Dynamics GP License Types That You Probably Didn’t Know About

When purchasing Dynamics GP, many companies are not aware that there are actually three different types of Dynamics GP licenses at three different price points.

Full User License

The first license I would like to discuss is the Full User license. This license provides you with the most functionality within Dynamics GP. With a Full User license, you will have unrestricted access to Dynamics GP with full read and write capabilities across your system. This is the most common type of license within a company, as well as, the most expensive at $3000 per user.

Limited User License

The second license is the Limited User license. Like the name states, the user will have limited access to the functionality within GP. This license is usually reserved for users who have to perform certain tasks within GP, such as sales, purchasing, or payroll tasks, but do not need the full functionality. The limited user does not have full write capabilities (they are only able to update/edit their own employee information), but has full read capabilities, which allows them to run reports or look at existing transactions and journals. This license allows a company to control costs on certain employees that need access to GP, but not the full functionality. The price of this license comes in at $600 per user.

Self-Serve User

The third and final license type is the Self-Serve User. The Self-Service User really only allows a user to go into GP to retrieve, edit, update, or enter their own personalized data. This comes in at the cheapest price of $60 per user.

Each one of these licenses are either Concurrent Client Access License (aka CALs), or User CALs. Concurrent CALs, refer to a maximum amount of users allowed in GP at one time. The Full User and Limited User are both Concurrent CALs. The User CALs are specific to a user and may not be shared with another GP user. The Self-Serve User is a User CAL.

If you want to learn more about which Dynamics GP licenses is the right fit for you, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form below.

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