Dynamics GP item substitution in Sales Order Processing

Guess what? When your primary items are depleted whether fulfilling a sales order or picking during BOM assembly, there is a quick and easy way to setup alternate items and use them in place as needed. This GP item substitution process will save time and money consistently by not having to delay your production workers' duties you get the original item in stock and also not risking having to make your customers wait a long time to get a product out the door to them.

The first thing to do is to go into Item Maintenance and enter your primary item no that you need to add an alternate for. Next click on the Go To icon and select Alternate Items. Then you would enter the alternate item that it could be substituted with. This will allow you to select the substitute item during Sales Order entry when your primary item is out of stock. Below are some screenshots of setup involved in Item Maintenance as well as steps on how to do the same when substitution is needed for a BOM component for your manufacturing needs.

GP item substitution process - Inventory

GP item substitution process - Alternative items

In Bill of Materials Entry window, be sure to add the alternate item as a new component. Enter the values for the fields needed similar to the primary component. Then check the box for Alternate and enter the primary item no you’re substituting for under Alternate For and Save.

See below example where we are setting up a substitute item (4560012) in a BOM for the primary item (4000152)

GP item substitution process - BOM

Now when you view your MFG Order Picklist, you are able to see both the primary component and also its alternate. You can then manually choose to reduce the qty for the primary component when it's not available and increment qty to its alternate.

To summarize our GP item substitution process, entering alternates doesn’t remove responsibility from your personnel in both scenarios mentioned above. The Alternate Items window helps you record information about possible substitutions, but if inventory quantities of an item are depleted, just note that the system won’t automatically make the substitution for you.

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