Dynamics GP for Field Service Management

The Dynamics GP Field Service Series is a very useful set of modules for any service organization. These powerful modules benefit service companies of all sizes by integrating essential accounting, distribution, and service processes.

Contract Administration
Whether you’re an ongoing equipment maintenance company or a provider some type of recurring service, the Contract Administration module provides the means for your organization to enter contract details, track specialized coverage for parts and labor, automate your periodic contract billing, track the revenue recognition process, and renew a customer’s contract with plenty of time to break for lunch! Contract profitability has never been so simple to see as associated revenue and expenses are easily tracked and presented to the end user.

Service Call Management
The Service Call Management component is one of the most powerful applications within Dynamics GP Field Service Series. With this module, you can track all technician service activities for contracted, preventative maintenance or time and material work. Out-of-the-box integration to Contract Administration, Inventory Control, Purchase Order Processing and Returns Management provides the functionality most service organizations require to achieve a complete understanding of the activities related to a given service call record or event.

Depot Management
Do you require your service technicians to return field replaceable units (FRU) to a designated depot repair location? If so, the Depot Management component of the Field Service series will track open work orders for units designated for repair. Detailed transactions relative to the consumption of parts and labor required to repair FRUs can be tracked on a depot management work order.

Preventative Maintenance
The many features and benefits of the Preventative Maintenance component allow your organization to setup, schedule and maintain PM requirements for equipment, whether on a service contract or not. The Preventative Maintenance module seamlessly integrates with Service Call Management to automate the creation of PM service calls to ensure your organization delivers its PM services on time. Powerful reporting tools provide the tools to generate PM listings and when PMs are due.

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