Contact Center Productivity Opportunities with Unified Service Desk 2.0 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Contact Centers are a goldmine of opportunities to increase productivity, and Unified Service Desk (USD) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the perfect productivity tool to mine those opportunities.

This blog will outline three common productivity gains contact centers can glean from using Unified Service Desk.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Contact Center Productivity Opportunities

1. Increase Agent Productivity

Automating processes with USD can drive increases in agent productivity. At one call center I helped, agents had to log into four different applications to find customer data!

The agent would go from application to application searching for the customer’s information all the while you could hear the customer getting frustrated on the phone. With Unified Service Desk we were able to automate searching all of those systems and displaying the customer’s record with a just a few clicks for the agent.

As a result, the call center was able to reduce average handle times and they were able to increase the number of calls they took without having to hire additional staff.

2. Decrease Training Time

In the previous example, once we implemented Unified Service Desk agents no longer needed to have extensive training on the four different applications. Agent training time was decreased from four weeks to three weeks.

3. Improve Agent Accuracy

Today’s contact centers are multitasking nightmares.  Agents are often expected to handle multiple customer interactions at the same. For example, an agent that responds to customer emails and is also helping customers via a chat client.

Without a unified application that can manage these interactions, and all of the applications required to help the customer, it can be easy to confuse which customer you’re trying to help. This confusion leads to errors that can be costly.

For example, during one CRM assessment, I watched an agent accidently order a new computer for the previous customer.

Luckily, the agent caught the error before the call ended and the order was canceled. But the agent still had to spend time creating another order for the customer. Time they could have been using to help the next customer in the line.

If you’re curious about how Unified Service Desk for Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your contact center, and want to learn more about its powerful features and capabilities, please free to reach out to our CRM team at FMT Consultants using the contact form below.

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