Changing Integration Manager INI file setting solves issue when source file data is incorrectly integrated into Dynamics GP

Recently I built a GL transaction integration with Analytical Accounting information using Integration Manager with the eConnect Adapter. One scenario of Analytical Accounting integrations is that the distribution amount may be split out to multiple Dimension Codes. During source file to GP integration testing, I noticed that the Assign % value for a certain code amount was incorrect in the Analytical General Transaction Entry window, as shown below:

 Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP

After analyzing the log for what the eConnect Adapter is sending to Dynamics GP, I noticed that Integration Manager was entering the transactions from the source file in incorrect order, which interfered with the calculation of the Assign % value.


The solution is to locate the folder where Integration Manager is installed and launch Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.IntegrationManager.ini in Notepad. Under the [IMBaseProvider] section, change ‘UseOptimizedFiltering=True’ to ‘UseOptimizedFiltering=False.’ Save and close the file, then restart Integration Manager and run the integration. Now the Assign % value is correct as the screen shot below illustrates.

Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Joe Yu
Senior ERP Expert, FMT

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