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Budgeting and Forecasting with Prophix Part 1 - Creating Pre-Populated Budget and Forecast Versions
What is Prophix? Prophix is a powerful corporate performance management (CPM) software application which offers a new, streamlined approach to the budget and planning process. Most companies manage their budgeting process with spreadsheets and data from multiple sources. These rudimentary processes often require manual entries which can be time consuming and error prone. Prophix addresses budgeting concerns by creating budgeting scenarios, called versions, to gain efficiencies, improve accuracy and establish an auditable and collaborative process that provides actionable intelligence and enhances the benefits of planning. Prophix allows you to: Create more accurate budgets with far less labor and minimize exposure to errors. Budget top-down, bottom-up, or a combination of both. Create countless scenarios and save each iteration. Easily analyze and review previous versions. Add collaborative comments and supporting details to budgets. Incorporate historical and plan data to model unlimited scenarios. Manage, protect and analyze scenarios. Use prebuilt tools to easily […]
Video: Power BI for Microsoft Office 365
This video explores how Microsoft Power BI can help empower your users to find relevant information, pull data from multiple sources and prepare compelling business intelligence models for analysis, visualization and collaboration. You'll learn how to: find, explore and compile data from multiple sources with Excel and Power Query build flexible models utilizing Power Pivot's in-memory analytics use Power View and Power Map to create informative dashboards and interactive visualizations share your data and collaborate with your team using Power BI Sites take Power BI on the road with mobile access   The video was recorded on November 20, 2014 by Jeff Fenn, Practice Manager for BI and Development and Aaron Rumford, Business Intelligence Developer. Please contact FMT Consultants for more information about Power BI and Microsoft Office 365.
FMT Consultants Announces nVerge 2014 - a One-Day Technology Conference Focusing on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics Marketing, SharePoint, Office 365 and IT Environments  
nVerge 2014 takes place on September 25th in San Diego, CA and offers a combination of keynotes, breakout sessions, learning labs, ongoing exhibition with software developers and IT service providers, networking sessions and a post-conference cocktail reception. San Diego, CA, July 29, 2014 - FMT Consultants, a leading San Diego and Los Angeles-based provider of technology solutions, announces nVerge 2014. nVerge 2014 is a one-day technology conference focusing on the latest feature updates and trends for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions, third party software applications for the Microsoft Dynamics product line, hardware solutions and IT services. The one-day conference offers a combination of keynote and breakout sessions, presentations by premiere San Diego businesses, ongoing learning labs, exhibition with IT service providers and independent software vendors, networking sessions, breakfast, lunch featuring a special presentation by Dale Carnegie of San […]
Business Intelligence Semantic Model – Creating Your First Tabular Model Project – Part 2 of 2
This blog continues from where I left off in Part 1 – “Creating Your First Tabular Model”. As covered in part 1 you'll need to meet the following requirements in order to create your first new tabular model project: Have an instance of SQL Server 2012 running in Tabular mode. Have SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) – installed as part of SQL Server 2012. Microsoft provides different sample databases – the one I use in this blog is AdventureWorksDW2012 and can be found at In part 1 of the blog series we created and deployed our tabular model using SQL Server Data Tools, and we created a simple report using Power View within Excel. It’s a simple report. A very simple report. As promised in the last blog, I’m going to show you how to enhance it with some created measures, and you’ll learn how to make your report […]
Business Intelligence Semantic Model – Creating Your First Tabular Model Project – Part 1 of 2
This is the first part in a blog series of two. Go straight to part 2 here.  In order to create your new tabular model project, ensure that you meet the following prerequisites: Have an instance of SQL Server 2012 running in Tabular mode. Have SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) installed as part of SQL Server 2012. Microsoft provides sample databases. The one referenced in this blog is AdventureWorksDW2012 and can be downloaded from Tabular models are created by selecting SQL Server Data Tools under Microsoft SQL Server 2012. The new tabular model opens a new project dialog in the tabular model authoring environment (Visual Studio 2010 or later) where you specify the Analysis Services Tabular Project template under Business Intelligence Analysis Services. Once your project is created, it opens in SQL Server Data Tools and an empty model, Model.bim, appears in the model designer, ready for use. When […]
Power View Data Visualizations - SQL 2012 Reporting Services
Power View, a feature of SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, allows you to create reports and dashboards using a number of different data visualizations. With the ability to drag and drop data, and being able to easily switch between visualizations, Power View quickly becomes a powerful BI tool to illustrate, summarize, display and analyze your data. The following table is a list of data visualizations that come out of the box with Power View:   Click image to enlarge TABLE You can easily drag and drop fields onto a table. Columns can be easily reordered and all columns are automatically sortable. You can even include images files.   Click image to enlarge MATRIX Tables can be easily be converted into a matrix, with row and column groups. By default the matrix will have totals and subtotals for each of the groups. Additional columns can be easily added by dragging a […]
Should I Upgrade to SQL 2012?
Microsoft recently released the latest version of SQL Server (“Denali”) 2012. With every new SQL Server release, hundreds of new features and improvements are added, and this is a major one! Enhancements can be found throughout the product, across all components including the Database Engine, Analysis Service, SSIS, Reporting and Master Data Services. Like previous releases, SQL 2012 brings along faster performance, great availability, improved data exploration, more consistent data, and optimized productivity. So what does all this mean? And more importantly, should you upgrade? The new release of SQL Server comes with many new and cool features. So many that it is outside the scope of this article to go through them all, but here are a few highlights: Always On: A new feature that improves database mirroring allowing you to fail over multiple databases instead of individually.  SQL Server Data Tools: SQL Server Management Studio now runs in […]
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