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Contract Line Import Tool for the Dynamics GP Field Service Module
Eliminate the cumbersome manual entry of contract lines! This blog post describes how to streamline the process of creating and maintaining contracts and contract items in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Field Service module. The Standard Contract Entry screen is used within the Field Service module to create and maintain contracts and individual contract details (see screenshot below). More specifically, the entry screen allows users to specify the customer, duration of the contract, the actual items/services and the contract prices. Entering contract information manually works sufficiently for simple contracts but as the volume of contract details increases, the task of creating and maintaining contract details becomes very tedious and time consuming. I have previously worked with clients dealing with hundreds and even thousands of contract lines. You can begin to imagine how painful, error prone and time consuming the entry task can be! The Contract Line Import Tool Our Dynamics GP […]
FMT Consultants Named One of the 2013 Best Places to Work in San Diego by Best Companies Group
Leading provider of Microsoft and SAP business management solutions recognized for its vibrant work environment and high levels of employee satisfaction. San Diego, CA, July 16, 2013 - FMT Consultants was recently named as one of the 2013 Best Places to Work in San Diego. The annual list of the Best Places to Work in San Diego was created by the San Diego Business Journal, Best Companies Group and the program sponsors – Moss Adams LLP, Fisher & Phillips LLP, and Active Network. The Best Places to Work winners have demonstrated work environment best practices that include: rewarding hard-working employees, investing in employee training, offering wellness and fitness programs and providing opportunities for team-building and social activities. This countywide survey and awards program is designed to identify, recognize and honor the best places of employment in San Diego, benefiting the county's economy, its workforce and businesses. The 2013 Best Places […]
4 Simple Steps to Upgrade Your Hyper-V 2008 to Hyper-V 2012
Hyper-V 2012 comes with a wealth of new benefits and enhancements which together constitute a compelling reason to upgrade your existing Hyper-V 2008 failover cluster to a Hyper-V 2012 failover cluster. This blog post covers the 4 major steps needed to successfully upgrade from Hyper-V 2008 to Hyper-V 2012. Once you’ve made the decision to upgrade, you need to consider whether you will purchase new hardware or leverage your existing infrastructure. While the easier option is to migrate your cluster to new hardware, budget constraints might impel you to go with your existing equipment. The high level overview of the upgrade is a 4-step process: Configure (or rebuild) OS’s on the Hyper-V hosts Create a new cluster Export existing VM’s Import VM’s into the new cluster Assumptions: You have a SAN hosting a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) for your Hyper-V cluster utilizing iSCSI Step 1 – Configure (or rebuild) OS’s […]
FMT Consultants Wins the 2013 San Diego Small Business Awards for Customer Service Excellence
The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce recognizes leading Microsoft and SAP partner for superior customer service. San Diego, July 9th, 2013 – FMT Consultants, a leading San Diego-based provider of technology solutions, was recently named winner of the 2013 San Diego Small Business Awards. FMT Consultants won the Small Business, Excellence in Customer Service category which recognizes companies for outstanding and unique customer service, high levels of responsiveness, and the ability to measure and report on customer satisfaction. An independent jury of 20 selected FMT Consultants as winner of the prestigious award based on the company’s customer service oriented business model and large number of highly rated customer reviews. The annual award is hosted by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce to honor the region’s Small and Micro Businesses for their significant contributions as drivers of economic growth. FMT Consultants leverages the power of a broad range of […]
Multi-Channel Management Best Practices - Item Management
If you are like most companies today, you are selling through multiple sales channels. Many companies are expanding their reach beyond traditional brick and mortar stores and increasing revenues through online stores and marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. This strategy requires a good plan to manage items as the cost of inputting item information to your online sales channels and managing inventory can quickly negate your profits. To operate a multi-channel strategy that maximizes margins and provides a great shopping experience for buyers, follow these steps: 1. Designate an item master management system Don’t jump into eCommerce without understanding the different requirements for item information compared to your traditional brick and mortar store. Careful planning and organization is required to keep item information consistent between sales channels. The best way to organize item information is to create a single location for your item master data. An item master is the […]
Microsoft Announces Dynamics CRM 2013
According to Microsoft, Dynamics CRM 2013 will be available for both online and on premise in the fall of 2013. The new CRM upgrade comes with a wealth of new features and enhancements including a refined UI, new mobile capabilities for Windows Phone 8, iPhone and Android, and improved integration with Skype, Lync and Yammer. Read the full press release on Contact FMT Consultants to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Posted by: Jakob Bechgaard
Microsoft Dynamics GP Now Available in the Cloud on Windows Azure
Microsoft Dynamics GP is now available in the cloud hosted on Windows Azure - Microsoft's on-demand Infrastructure Services. The announcement came out on June 18, 2013 after several months of testing and fine-tuning the solution in collaboration with Microsoft's first 'go-live' customers. As with current Dynamics GP deployment options, GP on Azure is licensed through Microsoft's partner network. Read the full article on the Microsoft Dynamics Community and contact FMT Consultants today to discuss which deployment option is best for your organization. The videos below provide a high-level overview of the Dynamics GP deployment and pricing options. Microsoft Dynamics Deployment Options Microsoft Dynamics Pricing Options Contact FMT Consultants today to learn more! Posted by: Jakob Bechgaard
Reduce the Costs of Sending out Information with DocLink and Microsoft Dynamics GP
Finding an alternative to sending paper documents in the mail or via a courier can mean significant cost savings. Imagine if all of the documents in your organization were stored in a secure, electronic library that could be accessed by all the different locations at the click of a button. Rather than shipping something to another office, you could just route it electronically. You could even have a set of rules to automatically route the proper documents to save additional time. As far as getting documents to vendors and customers, instead of mailing or shipping them, DocLink can deliver them through email, fax or FTP. You might be thinking, “There are still those customers or vendors who would prefer to stick with the paper document, and keeping track of who wants which documents sent in which way could be a pain.” But DocLink  has the capability to automate the whole […]
FMT Consultants Named Finalist in the 2013 San Diego Small Business Awards for Excellence in Customer Service
Leading Microsoft and SAP partner recognized for outstanding customer service San Diego, CA,  June 11th, 2013 – FMT Consultants, a leading Southern California provider of integrated technology solutions, today announced that the Company has been selected as a finalist in the 2013 San Diego Small Business Awards. The annual award is hosted by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce to honor the region’s Small and Micro Businesses for their significant contributions as drivers of economic growth. FMT Consultants was selected as a finalist in the Small Business, Excellence in Customer Service category which recognizes companies for outstanding and unique customer service, high levels of responsiveness, and the ability to measure and report on customer satisfaction. FMT Consultants leverages the power of a broad range of software applications and services including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, Office 365, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP Business ByDesign and IT Managed Services to provide innovative […]
7 Steps to Manually Download and Install CRM Update Rollup 13 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Install on Windows Server 2012
Recently, I experienced an issue when trying to install Dynamics CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012. The installation made it past the “Download and Install Required Components” portion but then stalled without any prompts appearing. According to Task Manager, both Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server setup and Microsoft Dynamics CRM were still running but in idle mode. Through a quick Google search, I came across an article noting that a supported update for the installation, Update Rollup 13, was available. During my initial CRM installation, no rollup updates were detected and downloaded which caused the CRM install to fail. By manually downloading the Update Rollup 13 file and executing the setup via command prompt (referencing the update file), I was able to successfully install Dynamics CRM 2011 on Windows Server 2012. Follow the 7 easy steps below: 1. Go to Search for ‘KB2434455’ Click Add for “Setup Update for Microsoft […]
Three Steps to Paperless Efficiency with DocLink & Dynamics GP
Sometimes when we speak with customers about document management, we hear, “This solution would be so great … if only we had the budget for it.” There is a perception that in order to go paperless, you have to buy the whole expensive software package with all the bells and whistles. Many GP users don’t realize that they can purchase a scalable solution like DocLink to start small and grow at the company’s pace. For some companies, it’s easier to get approval on the investment if it comes in smaller pieces. Step One: Electronic Documents The easiest concept to explain, and perhaps the most important, is the idea of taking printed, physical documents and replacing them with electronic ones. To accomplish this, we simply need to capture an image of the document, either by scanning it or sending it to a virtual printer, then give that document meaning by adding […]
‘Unsticking’ Stuck Batches in Microsoft Dynamics GP – Part 3
In the past, we’ve discussed the importance surrounding Edit Lists and covered some of the typical reasons causing batches to get stuck (see Part 1 and Part 2 in this blog series). This third blog post will concentrate on the processes involved in “unsticking” the batch. There are several error messages in Dynamics GP that suggest a stuck batch. The most common one stipulates that the batch has been pushed to a batch recovery window, and prompts the user to go to the window and attempt to “recover” the batch. Ideally, in case of a stuck batch, the user would navigate to the batch recovery window, click process and solve the problem. Cross your fingers and hope for the best! Most of the time, however, the batch will not complete its posting but spit out an error message similar to the one you received when trying to post the batch […]
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