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NetSuite Video: SuiteCommerce (Session 2 of 2)
This NetSuite training video provides a thorough overview of NetSuite SuiteCommerce and covers a wide range of topics including: Leveraging the power of SSP: What is SSP and Backcone.js? How is it used in Netsuite and how does it interact with Netsuite’s SuiteCommerce platform? Reference Checkout: General walk-through Reference Checkout Development Files Simple Customization My Account: General walk-through Watch the first part of the series here. This video was recorded on June 17th, 2014 by Ilija Budimir, Senior NetSuite Consultant at FMT Consultants. For more information and assistance with NetSuite, please contact FMT Consultants. Posted by: Jakob Bechgaard
NetSuite Video: SuiteCommerce (Session 1 of 2)
This NetSuite training video dives into NetSuite ecommerce and covers a wide range of topics including: Site Builder Setup: Setting up Domains and Preferences Glance at the Themes and Templates Items and the Content Manager: Web Store tab of the Item Record How to associate Items to the Tabs and Categories in the Content Manager Publishing Items to our Web Store Creating Orders: Walk-through a Shopping Cart Checkout Review Order: My Account Section Watch the second part of the series here. The video was recorded on May 29th, 2014 by Ilija Budimir, Senior NetSuite Consultant at FMT Consultants. Contact FMT Consultants for more information and for assistance with NetSuite. Posted by: Jakob Bechgaard
Pre Go-Live Checklist for NetSuite Implementations
More often than not, NetSuite implementations face unnecessary challenges when there is no clear plan as to how the ERP solution and the environment will be delivered to the end users. Most of the time, the fault lies with the implementation consultants as it is their duty to understand their client's business, all relevant processes, assess all possible risks or pitfalls before the project execution phase, and finally create a plan or set of tasks that will lead the implementation to its final Go-Live phase. In this article I will discuss the final checklist of the tasks that must be duly completed before we can call an implementation a “success.” Although the checklist will vary from organization to organization, the order of tasks and their dependencies will typically follow the same pattern. Please note that this article assumes that you have completed the initial configuration of your NetSuite account, and […]
Seamless NetSuite to MailChimp Integration with Cazoomi
Although NetSuite is known for its great Marketing and CRM tools, many businesses are used to creating their email blasts and campaigns with MailChimp. MailChimp is an email marketing tool used to create, send and track email campaigns. It is extremely easy to use and it provides a wealth of great email templates that will look professional in almost any email client. Cazoomi is a third party cloud solution provider that is now providing an integration/synchronization between NetSuite and MailChimp. Syncapps, by Cazoomi, is the solution that allows you to sync your Contacts, Leads or Customers in NetSuite with your MailChimp Campaign lists. The following article explains how to setup and configure your MailChimp account with SyncApps. To reap the full benefits of the instructions below, you need to have some experience with MailChimp, have Administrator rights of your NetSuites Instance and have registered with Syncapps here: Part 1: MailChimp […]
Video: NetSuite Product Demo - Lead to Cash
The video provides a broad overview of NetSuite and demonstrates a wide array of the built in features and capabilities including: Capturing Website Leads Lead to Order Order to Cash Reporting and Dashboard. The video was recorded by Paul Clayton on May 13th 2014. Contact FMT Consultants today to learn more about NetSuite. Posted by: Jakob Bechgaard
Southern California NetSuite Solution Provider, FMT Consultants, Announces Upcoming Online NetSuite Educational Series
FMT Consultants will be hosting 10 complimentary educational sessions focusing on NetSuite – a unified, cloud-based business management suite, encompassing ERP/financials, CRM and ecommerce. San Diego, CA, May 9, 2014 – FMT Consultants, a Southern California NetSuite consulting firm, announces a series of upcoming NetSuite educational webinars running from May through August 2014. The webinars cover a wide range of NetSuite features and functionality including ecommerce, procurement, Adobe Echosign integration, custom records, reporting and segmentation, marketing campaign management and sales processes. The online sessions will empower end-users and system administrators to become more proficient with NetSuite, and demonstrate best practices for using NetSuite’s many components. Since 1995, FMT Consultants has been partnering with emerging to mid-sized companies to increase profitability through innovative and efficient use of technology solutions. Leveraging the expertise of a dedicated team of 40+ in-house technology experts and a wide array of software applications, including NetSuite, FMT […]
The Best Way to Integrate External Web Forms with NetSuite!
During NetSuite implementations, clients frequently ask me if there is a way to integrate an external Web form (a form stored on the company’s external website). The easiest way to this is to create an ‘Online Customer Form’ in NetSuite and then embed it on an external website via iFrame. While this approach is simple, iFrame is not the most elegant solution. In addition, this approach will require some styling of NetSuite’s Online Customer Form. This can be especially cumbersome if the client already has a nicely styled ‘Contact Us’ form on their company site. In this blog, I will present an alternative to embedding the NetSuite’s Online form via iFrame. I find that this solution is simple and easy to configure and it will allow you to keep your existing ‘Contact Us’ page. Please note that a small tweak to your external ‘Contact Us’ form will allow you to […]
Video: Analytics and Reporting with NetSuite
Are you utilizing your company data to: Monitor the health and activities of your business? Obtain real-time and actionable insight into your organization? Gain visibility into market trends and buying patterns? Drive informed decision-making to increase profitability? If not, this video will help you get started. In this webinar Paul Clayton, Director of Consulting Services at FMT Consultants, dives into the analytics and reporting capabilities of NetSuite's SuiteAnalytics and demonstrates specific tools that will help you extract and analyze data from a wide range of sources. The topics of the video include: • Real-time transparency into company performance across all business functions • Drill down capabilities to easily slice and dice your data • Personalized and configurable dashboards and KPI charts • On-the-go access to all your company data via web browser and mobile devices • Self-serve reporting tools The video was recorded on April 22nd, 2014. FMT Consultants is a leading […]
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