Case Study: Liebert Cassidy Whitmore Goes Paperless with Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Liebert Cassidy Whitmore (LCW) is the foremost expert in U.S. labor, employment and educational law. Since it was founded in 1980, it has grown to four locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Fresno and now employs over 80 attorneys across 10 practices.

LCW is named among the 2014 Top Boutique Law Firms in California by The Daily Journal and ranks the 66th largest law firm in the nation. The firm pioneered preventative education; meaning its attorneys educate clients, through consortiums, workshops and seminars, on the best ways to avoid becoming a party to adversary proceedings.

Download Case Study

Download Case Study


The Challenge

LCW has built its success upon a reputation of expert knowledge and a culture of sharing by training thousands of city government employees and school administrators. LCW wanted to better itself at how it pooled knowledge within its own firm; among the partners and eventually, between all of the attorneys in the different practices. The over-all goal was to have a cloud-based system, with portals for each of the 10 practices. LCW wanted to hold paperless Strategic Planning Meetings for the partners in all four locations.

The firm knew it needed Microsoft SharePoint to achieve these goals, so it hired a consulting firm to install Microsoft SharePoint 2010. The project was not a success. LCW had issues deploying the software, and it wondered if the contractor had installed it correctly.

Jay Dover, IT Director for LCW, found a possible solution in his inbox: an invitation to FMT's webinar on Microsoft SharePoint 2013. FMT seemed like a natural fit for LCW—both companies share a passion for their respective professions and a desire to impart their expertise to others...

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