Forecast 3D, headquartered in Carlsbad, California, has specialized in enterprise-grade 3D printing since 1994. Some of the most innovative, cutting-edge companies in the world partner with Forecast 3D for help in turning their abstract ideas into tangible, 3D prototypes and production components.

The Challenge

Forecast 3D built an ERP solution from the ground up called Forecast Pro and integrated the software with its website, so that customers could set up an account and upload specifications and supporting documents to get a quote. While Forecast Pro was meeting Forecast 3D’s production needs, the company still lacked a CRM solution for effectively managing sales and marketing activities.

Donovan Weber, COO and co-founder of Forecast 3D, knew that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 would be robust enough to manage the company’s front-end needs, but writing custom executables in Dynamics CRM and implementing them cleanly across a .NET platform is not an easy task. He wasn’t sure it could be done in accordance with his distinct vision.

As Weber says, “I needed someone to help me integrate my homegrown .NET, SQL-based ERP system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

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