When you don’t have a clear view of each and every aspect of your organization, making important business decisions can be both time-consuming and prone to error – leaving you a step behind the competition.

While Dynamics GP provides a great solution to manage your finance and operations, it can often be challenging to interpret the data and make informed decisions off of it. GP’s built-in KPIs, reporting tools, and budgeting capabilities are fairly simplistic and often rely on manual or Excel based workarounds.

With a complete Business Intelligence solution built for Dynamics GP you can:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your business
  • Gain total insight into your company
  • Offer managers flexible reports
  • Increase productivity

Part I: Better Decision Making with Full Insight

Part II: Powerful Reporting and Analytics for GP

Part III: Streamline Your Budgeting and Forecasting


Learn how FMT’s Business Intelligence solution, powered by BI360, can help decrease manual keying and inaccuracies with a complete Excel and web-based suite for Reporting, Budgeting, Dashboard and preconfigured Data Warehouse solutions that integrate to all of your data sources for complete insight!