How to Automatically Send Customer Statementsin NetSuite

Tired of manually sending customer statements every time? Here is how you can easily set up a workflow in NetSuite that will allow you to automatically send customer statements.

Create a Custom Field that will act as a flag

This field will be used to act as a flag.  If this check box is checked, then this customer wants to receive a statement email on a recurring basis.  If this field is not checked, the customer will not receive an emailed statement.

  1. Navigate to Customization -> List, Records, Fields -> Entity Fields -> New
  2. Change Type to Check Box and apply it to Customernetsuite-custom-entity-field
  3.  Check this box on the customer records of the customers that want to have a balance email sentnetsuite-customer

Create a Saved Search for Customers with Open Balances

The results of this search will be the list of customers that need to be emailed

  1. Navigate to Lists -> Search -> Saved Searches -> New
  2. Set the criteria of which customers you want to email. Make sure to set Customer Wants Statement Email to true as part of the criteria.netsuite-customer-wants-statement
  3. Check the Results. In this example we have 31 customers with a balance greater than 0 who want statement emailsnetsuite-customers-sent

Create a Workflow

This workflow will automate the process of sending balance emails to customers

  1. Navigate to Customization -> Scripting -> Workflows -> New
  2. Choose record type as customer and the saved search you created as the saved search filter:netsuite-workflow
  3. Add a new action Send Email. Make sure to check Include Statementnetsuite-send-email
  4. Complete Workflow:netsuite-send-balance-email

Execute Workflow

Once executed, all the customers from the original saved search are sent an email of their balance.


It's as simple as that! Never worry about missing a customer statement again, let NetSuite do all the work for you. If you have any questions regarding workflows in NetSuite, please let us know by filling out the form below.

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