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D365 Business Central Configuration Package Challenges – Sales Orders Error
I recently had a D365 Business Central client that whenever she attempted to ship and invoice specific sales orders, she would receive an error message “The record in table Sales Invoice Header already exists" - see screenshot below. She was able to ship and invoice other sales orders without issue. However, certain sales orders would error out, regardless of what she did. Since this error was concerning the posted invoice number, we first investigated the numbering series for posted sales invoices.  Here is what we found: The invoice number in our error message was not from the currently assigned numbering series The invoice number in our error message was from a previous numbering series The previous numbering series was one that had been replaced by the current numbering series.   Great information, but what next? After reading a few user questions in the Dynamics 365 User Group site, I found […]
Unit of Measures Design with Item Configuration Equals Inventory Accuracy
In the Importance of a Good Unit of Measure Schedule blog, we walked through the importance of unit of measure schedules and how to design a unit of measure schedule. Using a well-designed unit of measure schedule and proper configuration of inventoried items in Dynamics GP, enables your system to accurately track inventory balances. An item card in Dynamics GP maintains a multitude of information about an item such as default accounts, tracking options, valuation methods, engineering data, and much more. In this blog we will focus on the setup of a item card with relation to default purchasing and selling units of measure. To configure these default units of measure, there are four windows that you need to access – yes, you heard right, four windows! But…you want accurate inventory balances, correct? Let’s take a look at the four windows we will review:  Item Maintenance Window: Defines the Unit of Measure […]
Frequently Used Tables in Dynamics GP Manufacturing Module
Below is a list of commonly used tables and their values.  Yeah I know it’s a long list, but if you have ever been working on that one report or looking for that one piece of information, you know that the manufacturing module is very big and very complex, hence all of the common used tables.  There are a few of the tables I have included, which are only required to correct issues. A few examples are bomlev1 and bomlev2; these tables are used for rolling costs.  If you have large Bills of Materials and you roll your costs often, the Dex Row ID’s in these tables can get too large.  When this happens all processing on cost rolls stops leaving you with an extremely vague message.  Dropping and rebuilding these two tables with their associated stored procedures is the only way to correct the issue.  A pain, I know, […]
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